Apple dismisses iPad rivals after bumper Q4 sales

With the much talked about launch of the iPad3 moving ever closer (March), tech titan Apple Inc. has taken to the industry rooftops in order to let rival gadget makers know just how well it’s doing.

Moreover, although Apple recently lost the creative input of chief executive Steve Jobs, strong sales attributed to the iPhone and iPad have seen the Cupertino-based company racking up record quarterly sales momentum.

Apple more than doubled its profits year-on-year during the final quarter of 2011, pushing up from $6.0 billion in Q4 of 2010 to $13.06 billion in Q4 of 2011—a figure that far surpasses cautious analyst projections offered up following the untimely death of Jobs.

Converting those figures into unit sales, recently installed chief executive Tim Cook said Apple shifted a record 37.04 million iPhone handsets during last year’s closing quarter, which is a monstrous year-on-year boost of 128 percent.

“We could have sold more if we’d had more supply,” enthused Cook in an official statement. “We could not be happier.” 

That impressive consumer appeal also spilt over onto Apple’s other product-of-the-moment during Q4 of 2011, and saw the iPad tablet computer more than doubling its year-on-year traction thanks to unit sales of 15.43 million.

Commenting on the supposed threat of the cheap-as-chips Kindle Fire tablet ($199 USD), Cook was quick to dismiss Amazon’s device and other ‘lesser’ alternatives while holding the iPad ($499 USD) aloft for all to see.

“I don’t think limited function tablets are in the same category [as the iPad],” he said. “Last year was supposed to be the year of the tablet, and I think that most people will agree it was the year of the iPad—for the second year in a row.”

Taking a closer look at Apple’s quarterly performance, sales of the iconic Mac computer line were boosted by 26 percent year-on-year as 5.2 million systems found new homes, while iPod unit sales dropped 21 percent to (a still thoroughly decent) 15.4 million.

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