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From Autosaur

NBA All-Star LeBron James Teams with Kia

NBA All-Star LeBron James has signed a deal with Kia to be the company’s first luxury ambass...

Classic Car Buying Guide: Hillman Super Minx

What to look for when buying a Classic Car: We use The Hillman Super Minx as an example What...

A Guy Let His Wife Loose With A Sharpie On His Car. What She Did Will Blow Your Mind.

This guy let his wife loose with a sharpie on his Nissan Skyline R33 GTR — and the result is...

2015 Nissan Armada Prices

Nissan has released pricing details for the 2015 Nissan Armada in the US. The 2015 Nissan Ar...

Aquaplaning Danger Highlighted in Video

This UK video highlights the dangers of aquaplaning. When you drive your car over some sitti...

Over at A List a Day

At First I Thought This Was Just A Normal Town. Then I Realized What I was Seeing. Whoa!

Michael Paul Smith loves mid-20th century America. He loves the old cars and the old vistas. He also loves making models and photography. So he combined the three and what he came up with is one of the most beautiful visual representations of American nostalgia you will ever see. Michael builds exact 1/24th replicas of buildings and landscapes, adds miniature vehicles to create realistic scenes, and then takes a simple point-and-shoot camera. Setting them against real-life backgrounds he creates a miniature world that looks so real you wouldn’t know otherwise unless you saw the behind-the-scenes pics as well. As Michael says on his website, “it’s the oldest trick in the […]

It Seems This Little Guy Forgot How To Be A Hamster

This little guy is obviously an outsider in the world of hamsters. Instead of doing what any normal hamster would do and run around inside his wheel he decided to run around the edge. Not only that but he did it while hanging upside down and clinging to the bottom. To be fair, the fact that he’s figured out that endlessly running around inside a wheel deserves respect. Not many of his hamster friends have probably thought of that. Must…keep…on…running…will…get…there…eventually……. Via Ben Bever

This Guy Managed To Dress Up As Every Single Johnny Depp Character In One Go

This guy managed to dress up as every single Johnny Depp character in one single cosplay. He was spotted at this week’s New York Comic Con, famous for its fans in fancy dress. Captain Jack Sparrow, Hunter S Thomson, Edward Scissorhands, they’re all there. Can you spot the rest? Pretty remarkable don’t you think? I wonder how long it took him to put together… Via molotovsoup/reddit.

A Love Letter Was Found On A 450 Year Old Mummified Body. What It Said Blew Me Away.

A team of archaeologists were left stunned when they uncovered the mummified remains of a man in Korea — after finding a love letter laid across his chest. The body was that of Eung-tae, a member of Korea’s ancient Goseong Yi clan, and the message was a love letter written by his pregnant wife after he died prematurely at the age of 30 in 1586. Her words, written as her life was being torn apart, show how deep their love was — and how broken was her heart at losing the father of her unborn son. This is the letter, which had laid across the man’s chest for 450 years […]

Our Friends at Site Scene

Having a Backup Computer and Plan

This week my iMac had a spasm and decided it did not want to show me what it was doing anymore. I’ve...

Google Authorship Dropped from Search

Google have announced that they are no longer using their Google Authorship markup in search results...

Optimize Your WordPress Site with Yoast ebook

Search engine optimisation experts Yoast have launched a new ebook called ‘Optimize Your WordPr...

Zergnet Review

This is a review of the Zergnet traffic boosting or article promotion service based out of Indi...