Live! RSA Conference 2009 - Day 3 (Melissa Hathaway Keynote)

Welcome to day three of the RSA Conference 2009. For the second consecutive year, The Tech Herald will be bringing you daily coverage of the latest security trends and news, live from the conference floor.

14:38 PST

Overall, the context of Melissa Hathaway's keynote address was not what was expected. Much like yesterday's keynote from the NSA Director, there was little in context or information related to current speculation by both pundits and the public at large. There was no coverage as to what exactly the report identified as a focal area or where the major points of interest were.

The keynote instead skimply told attendees that it would be a 'team effort'.

The report itself is due soon, rumor says it could be released publicy, and as soon as the end of the month.

14:35 PST

Melissa Hathaway ends the keynote with a joke that her speech might self distruct -- relating back to the opening of her talk.

14:33 PST

"Cyber security isn't only the responsibility of governements and corporations. It is the responsibility of all of us. Even those of you here at RSA." said Hathaway.

14:28 PST

On Friday April 17, the report was completed. It provides the President with recommendations for cybersecurity improvements, including an action plan for identifying the areas of improvement

It is the responsability of our governement to ensure the security of cyberspace, she said. However, no single agency within the goverment can do it all. It will have to start at the top and include everyone from various agencies all the way down to businesses and even classrooms.

Goverment and industry leaders need to take ownership of the problems and work together to develop solutions.

14:23 PST

Liability protections for private sector and data sharing between goverment agencies were just two of the legal issues that came about during the 60-day review.

There were more than 40 meetings within the public sector during the review, which helped shape the policy and areas of improvement. Most of them were used in the final report -- due for release in a few days.

14:15 PST

They are running a 'Mission Impossible' gag to lead into the report. Hathaway quips that her BlackBerry will self destruct in 60-days. "Clearly I accepted the mission," she jokes.

14:14 PST

Melissa Hathaway has now taken to the stage.

14:10 PST

Still waiting... pretty sure it's going to be standing room only in here for this one.

13:58 PST

Why are there so many commercials before the keynotes? It just makes things drag on. The announcement said Hathaway is about to begin. However, there is a new announcement, you are only allowed to perform flash photography during the first 90 seconds of the keynote. Nice. 

Very few empty seats near the press area, and most of the attendee seats are filling fast. Maybe a dozen or so seats left on the right side of the hall.

13:50 PST

Melissa Hathaway is about to take the stage and present her keynote, which is titled: “The Obama Administration’s Cyberspace Policy Review”. Hathaway is the Acting Senior Director for Cyberspace for the National Security and Homeland Security Councils.

Not much is known about the context of her talk. However, what is expected is a lot of details and solid information on what exactly was placed on the President’s desk last week when Hathaway's 60-day review was concluded and submitted.

The review is expected to develop what will eventually become the framework expected to ensure U.S. cybersecurity is integrated, resourced, and coordinated with Congress and the private sector.

While there have been several attempts in the past to move cybersecurity to a large scale, ego and politics have always prevented inter-agency cooperation.

Yesterday, Lt. General Alexander, Director of the NSA, gave a keynote that many expected to tie into Melissa Hathaway’s address. However, his talk was short on any information related to the 60-day review or where the NSA stands; other than to say that the NSA will only be one member on a larger team.

There are about 10 minutes left before Hathaway is due to start. We'll keep covering the keynote as it moves along.

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