Microsoft to splash $200 million on Windows Phone marketing

When it comes to the spread of smartphone operating systems, Android and iOS may well be leading the software pack. However, the dominance shared by those Google and Apple platforms doesn’t mean Microsoft’s applauded but lagging Windows Phone isn’t still a viable threat.

Moreover, although Windows Phone is not currently the OS of choice for the majority of current smartphone users, the Redmond-based industry titan is apparently preparing to pump in huge amounts of cash in an attempt to solve that particular problem.

That’s according to Paul Thurrott of Supersite for Windows, who claims to have seen “internal Microsoft documentation” revealing the American software company’s onrushing $200 million USD “marketing tsunami” for Windows Phone.

That sum, which only covers the United States, also includes paying out per-sale incentives to retail employees for actively nudging consumers towards the adoption of Windows Phone over other mobile OS alternatives.

Thurrott’s leaked information follows on from a Windows Phone road map that hit the Net last month. Said road map outlined the 2012 unveiling of ‘Tango’ and ‘Apollo’ updates of the Windows Phone software, which will target mainstream and business channels respectively.

Chatter regarding the evolution of Windows Phone and Microsoft’s invested vision therein is increasing ahead of this month’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Although the software company will be attending as a major presence for the final time, it is believed a number of product bombshells will be dropped during its final bow.

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