Mystery cylinder UFO spotted over British holiday resort

With the Lincolnsholme wind turbine UFO mystery officially attributed to little more than freak mechanical failure, it hasn’t taken long for another slice of extraterrestrial sensationalism to slip into the spotlight of controversy.

The latest UFO sighting to capture media attention was initially spotted moving erratically in the skies high above a British costal holiday resort during the summer of 2008, but accompanying video footage has only now emerged to support the claims of transfixed bystanders.

During the handheld video, the person behind the camera struggles to track what appears to be an elongated gunmetal-grey cylindrical shape that’s moving across the sky and is barely visible to the camera’s lens without performing an extreme zoom.

Not alone in watching the strange shape, a number of fellow caravan occupants on the holiday site in Brean, Somerset, witnessed the UFO as it moved about in the blue July sky. Although believed to have been seen by hundreds of holidaymakers and caught on video, local police authorities reported no unusual activity in the area.

According to Malcolm Robinson, the head of UFO group Strange Phenomena Investigations, the Brean incident is “clearly very exciting,” and is similar to dozens of other sightings that include cylinder-shaped unidentified objects.

“There is, of course, an argument that this could be a weather balloon or some other common object,” said Robinson in a Telegraph report. “But my research has shown that it is totally consistent with other UFO sightings, none of which have been hoaxes or naturally-occurring phenomenon.”

Since its abrupt release onto the Internet, the Brean footage has found popularity on video-sharing service YouTube, where several clips are causing considerable commenter uproar with opinion split as to whether the UFO is a weather balloon or a genuine alien craft.

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