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NASA's YouTube UFO clips renew conspiracy theories

by Rich Bowden - Jun 3 2009, 09:24

Battle lines appear to have been drawn between those in the UFO conspiracy camp, who believe YouTube clips recently released by NASA prove the U.S. space administration has knowledge of UFOs and is covering it up, and those who dismiss such claims as nonsense. 

The video clips in question appear to show unexplained flashing lights that zip and fly across the screen, which certain ufologists say is proof UFOs not only exist but that NASA also has documentary proof.

The footage has been posted with various forms of certainty of the conspiracy, such as "Will the government finally admit there are aliens?" and "UFOs quickly take off from NASA video." However, evidence offered to U.S. media outlets by astronauts involved in some of the controversial videos has been less than sure.

"If I thought it was an intelligent (alien) craft, I'd be the first one to speak up -- I'd want the credit," said astronaut Mario Runco to FOXNews. Runco was part of a 1996 orbiting mission where mysterious lights were documented.

Astronaut Thomas Jones, who carried out a space mission in the same year, also doubted the extra terrestrial (intelligent) nature of dancing lights, saying to Fox that: "A few ice crystals or flakes of thruster residue in the near field are floating by, get hit by a thruster's exhaust plume and zip out of the scene."

Yet the cover-up theory shows no sign of abating, with highly-respected former NASA Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell describing government attempts to play down contact with aliens in his hometown -- the infamous New Mexican town of Roswell.

He has called on the government to come clean with the American public and reveal all it knows about extra-terrestrial contact.

The recent posting of new YouTube videos has provided conspiracy theorists with fresh ammunition. The below entry from respected virtual reality 'siteiO9' gives a flavour of recent blog entries supporting the alien cover-up theory.

"[The blog] has uncovered a treasure trove of videos from NASA which include UFOs... While you ponder that, just remember that the UFO lobby working in Washington thinks that the Obama Administration is the most likely to admit to the alien coverup," it opined.

"The New York Times recently profiled a DC lobbyist whose entire job is trying to get government officials to admit alien technologies exist that could rescue the environment," it added.


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