NVIDIA lauds most powerful graphics card in history

All hail the new Quadro FX 5800 graphics card, which, according to an extremely proud NVIDIA Corp., is set to take the computing world by storm as the most powerful professional graphics solution ever produced.

Likely to leave computer game fans drowning in their own drool, the Quadro FX 5800 is being primarily targeted at business customers such as the oil and gas industries, design professionals, and those involved in the development of medical imaging - all of which require high-performance GPUs.

Described as offering “unprecedented performance and scalability,” the Quadro FX 5800 arrives as the industry’s very first 4GB graphics card and also provides up to 240 CUDA programmable parallel cores, which, according to NVIDIA, makes it the perfect choice for the above mentioned professionals.

“The challenge for today’s professional is to make sense of the mountain of data by distilling it into a form they can comprehend, analyze and use to make impactful decisions,” explained Jeff Brown, general manager of Professional Solutions at Santa Clara-based NVIDIA.

“At stake can be billions of investment dollars, or even people’s lives,” he added. “The Quadro FX 5800 has advanced features to allow massive datasets to be viewed beyond traditional 3D enabling professionals to make fast and accurate decisions.”

Those advanced features attributed to the Quadro FX 5800 include: Interactive 4D modelling (with time lapse capabilities); 10-Bit colour capabilities; memory bandwidth of up to 102GBs per second; a fill rate in excess of 52 billion texels per second and geometry performance of 300 million triangles per second; support for next-gen OpenGL and Microsoft DirectX 10 applications; and advanced multi-system and multi-device visualisation environments with Quadro G-Sync II.

Brown’s clear enthusiasm is shared by NVIDIA’s existing customers, such as Realtime Technology AG (RTT), a leading supplier of real-time visualisation technology and virtual prototyping solutions for the automotive, aerospace, industrial and consumer goods design industries.

“Our customers are making important decisions about future products on the basis of RTT-powered 3D real-time models,” said Ludwig Fuchs, co-founder and CEO of Munich-based Realtime Technology.

“The new Quadro FX 5800 will be the platform of choice to bring that arena to the next level. Higher levels of realism, physical correctness and large models are now made possible through a double number of cores and a generous frame buffer.”

Available through leading PC manufacturers, NVIDIA channel partners, and workstation system integrators, the Quadro FX 5800 comes attached to a recommended price of $3,499 USD.

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