RSAC 2012: Voltage moving forward with mobile plus initiative

RSA Conference - On the show floor here in San Francisco, mobile security is all the rage, thus 2012 is shaping up to be the year of data-centric security. On Monday, Voltage Security announced their plans for the mobile space, which combine functionality and security under one roof, while keeping the management as simple as possible for administrators.

When it comes to Voltage, everything under their security platform, from FPE to IBE, is designed to be flexible when it comes to deployment and implementation, but unyielding when it comes to protection. Over the years, The Tech Herald has followed Voltage's progression in the data-focused security space, so their newest mobile initiative comes as no surprise.

'What we've announced is building on our success in the enterprise space,' said Voltage's Mark Bower.

'Just as in the enterprise world, when you try to protect the data by looking at it in the container that it lives in or the pipe that it moves through, you still have security gaps that attackers exploit.'

According to Forrester Research, mobility will drive new data-killing initiatives. The advent of the extended enterprise and the ease of accessing corporate information anytime, anywhere, and on any device will create new pressures on security teams to encrypt data.

'Enterprise-level encryption is the best hope for securing data on these devices,' Forrester said.

Voltage's newest set of tools seeks to protect data on mobile devices on all mobile platforms (IOS and Android) on the data level. Often security and usability are on opposite ends of the spectrum, so many of the mobile protection products that exist in the market today either look pretty and offer nothing, or offer solid protection at the expense of actual usage. (Imagine a phone so secure you can't use it.)

With their Secure Mail Mobile Edition, Voltage has actually allowed solid usability on top of security. The Tech Herald observed the Secure Mail application in action on an iPhone this morning. Starting off, the first thing that stands out is that authentication on the device is policy driven, so if the device is ever lost or stolen, policy will dictate how long the authentication is valid. Encrypted emails delivered to the device can be opened and decrypted within seconds, and sending encrypted messages takes no more effort than composing an email.

In addition to email protection, Bower also told us that there are partners implementing payment tools from Voltage, allowing secure payments on mobile devices. Before the end of the year, Voltage also plans to release a secure file application for mobile devices as well.

More information on Voltage's existing Secure Mail and Secure File offerings, head over to



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