Sony offers PSP Go owners free game downloads

Having already used GamesCom in Germany to push PSP Go incentive by offering new UK buyers Gran Turismo as a free download, Sony Computer Entertainment has this week moved to add yet more gloss to the appeal of its revamped portable console.

Specifically, Sony has unveiled the PSP Go Rewards scheme, which will provide new PSP Go owners with three videogame download vouchers after online hardware registration has been completed via the PlayStation Network (PSN).

While certainly likely to tempt some gamers towards the PSP Go, one potentially large caveat arises upon learning that voucher qualification is dependent on users also logging onto PSN through an existing PSP with a UMD in the drive slot.

That being said, attained vouchers (which will be sent by e-mail) will grant users access to a trio of titles from a pretty darn impressive list of existing PlayStation Portable games, including:

Buzz! Brain Bender, Buzz! Master Quiz, Echochrome, Everybody’s Golf, Killzone: Liberation, LocoRoco, Patapon, SOCOM: US Navy SEALs Fireteam Bravo 3, and WipEout Pure.

The PSP Go Rewards incentive program will come into effect on October 01 of 2009 and run to March 31 of 2010 and is open to anyone who already owns a drive-based PlayStation Portable and at least one UMD.

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