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Feb 6 2008, 17:28

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From Autosaur

Chevrolet shows off the 2015 Colorado with digital experience

Chevrolet has launched a new website to show buyers all the bells and whistles available on ...

Mazda to debut CX-3 and MX-5 at Los Angeles Auto Show

Mazda has announced plans to premiere the new Mazda CX 3, its new compact crossover SUV, at ...

Ford issues safety recall for 204,448 Ford Edge and Lincoln MKX

Ford has issued a safety recall for 204,448 of the 2007-2008 Ford Edge and Lincoln MKX in No...

Mopar Previews SEMA Custom Rides

We have added a set of pictures released by Mopar ahead of the SEMA Show. Mopar are bri...

Audi R8 Competition – The Most Powerful Production Audi Ever

Audi has revealed details of their new super-fast Audi R8 Competititon — the most powerful a...

Over at A List a Day

This Dancing Female Robot Is The Creepiest Thing I’ve Seen

This robot is enough to give you nightmares long after Halloween. At first glance it looks like a woman dressed up like Lady Gaga, but then you notice the skinless face and the terrifying staring eyes. Amazingly, the robot can dance. But the most incredible thing is the hands. They don’t move like a robot’s, but like those of a real, living person. Don’t show this video to your kids, it’ll creep them out. How am I going to sleep tonight?

He Looked Like A Real Lego Man. But Wait, What’s That Inside…Whoa!

This has to be one of the most impressive and awesome homemade fancy dress costumes ever made. Until he took the head off there was no way I was believing that wasn’t a real Lego man. It was made by a man for his son after he couldn’t find a good Lego fancy dress costume anywhwere. According to the dad’s cousin, the can’t bend his knees too well so he hobbles along, just like the character in the Lego movie. Yup, that is definitely a normal Lego man. It’s got to just be a trick of perspective to make him look big. But wait… Wow, there’s a boy inside! This […]

This Guy Shone A Laser At A POLICE Helicopter. It Didn’t End Well…

The drink must have got too much for this guy in England, who thought it would be fun to shine a laser pen at a passing police helicopter. Shining lasers at any aircraft is illegal and extremely dangerous as it can temporarily blind the pilot and put lives at serious risk. That didn’t seem to be of any concern to the shaven-headed man and his friends as they sat around drinking outside. But little did they know that the police were immediately tracking him with super-sensitive heat-seeking cameras, and directing officers on the ground round to spoil his party. I never knew police helicopters could pick up so much detail. […]

“Hello, operator? Yes, my horse…it’s in the pool.”

These firefighters in Arizona got an unusual call when a local man asked for help when his horse got trapped — in his swimming pool. The horse, called Stormy, couldn’t get out after falling asleep. A vet tranquillised him and firefighters were then able to keep his head above water and pull him from the pool. Perhaps he’d just fancied a swim… Good news. Stormy is said to be doing well and no worse for wear after his swim.

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