Wanted: Oakland cop who injured Iraq War veteran - Anonymous offers bounty

$1,000 USD, this is the price to be paid - no questions asked - for the name of the Oakland Police officer who critically wounded an Iraq War veteran. The cash reward comes as the veteran, 24 year-old Scott Olsen, remains listed as in serious, but stable condition.

Update: Olsen has been upgraded to fair condition, and is awake. Doctors are still keeping him in observation, but remain hopeful.

Olsen was already down, as the videos in this article show, but as people were attempting to move him, one officer tossed another explosive directly in the center of the crowd.

The image below was taken just as the explosion started; Olsen is center, already dazed from the previous release of concussive weapons by police, this second explosion will cause him extensive head trauma, as parts of the device are propelled into him.

IMG: ParisHasLazyEye/Twitter

IMG: ParisHasLazyEye/Twitter

“The time has come to retaliate against Oakland police via all non-violent means, beginning with doxing of individual officers and particularly higher-ups involved in the department's conduct of late... I'm offering a $1,000 reward, no questions asked, for the name of the officer who threw a flash-bang at the injured Iraqi vet,” commented former Anonymous spokesperson Barrett Brown.

If the bounty is legit, it would be the first time that someone associated with Anonymous, even if Brown has moved on to Project PM, was willing to pay for such information. The offer only increases the odds that the officer will eventually be located.

While the name and identifying details are wanted so that formal complaints can be filed, there is little doubt that if the same data is released to the public, the officer will face the wrath of the people, who are outraged over what happened to Olsen.

“God be with OPD if our brother does not survive this,” commented OccupyMARINES on Twitter.

In a separate statement, OccupyMARINES called for “the GOP cowards responsible for influencing this event” to be located and identified, along with the 300 Oakland Police officers who were part of the excessive actions, especially the officer who harmed Olsen.

Moreover, they demand a public apology for Olsen’s injury, and the resignations of Mayor Jean Quan and acting Chief of Police Howard Jordan.

“As you stand in solidarity with the people of the world, Anonymous stands in solidarity with you Scott...You are a veteran of a foreign war, a brave soldier who has stood up for his people in the face of death, in a strange land. Whether our presence in the Middle East is justified or not, we commend those brave men and women who defend our Constitutional rights from enemies, both foreign and domestic; in standing your ground in Oakland, you have become one of the few Americans who have done both,” a message to Olsen from Anonymous states.

As the cyber bounty hunters started to organize, Anonymous’ Sabu issued a call to arms to those supporting AntiSec.

“ATTN: Calling on hackers from #antisec and abroad. Oakland PD has waged war on our citizens. Time to respond back,” his message said.

A DDoS attack on the City of Oakland’s website lasted for well over two hours, knocking the site offline, before it returned at about 4:15 p.m. EST on Thursday.

In a related story, The Tech Herald reported on the apparent breach of the same website, resulting in the leak of what appears to be the usernames, passwords, and email addresses of two city employees, and information on a homegrown CMS that manages part of the city’s website.




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