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This Postman Films Every Dog On His Round. The Result Is Adorably Hilarious

01/31/15 2:40 pm

A postman in Australia has posted a video of all the dogs he meets on his round — some good, and some a little bit more naughty. The postie, who rides a scooter to deliver his letters door to door, knows all the mutts by name — and exactly who’s friendly and who’s not. He filmed the footage using a camera attached to his helmet. It shows how he deals with the various dogs. He even has a stash of doggie treats to hand out to keep the angry ones calm and to make the good ones love him even more. The footage shows him driving on the grass outside […]

Average Guys With Average Cars. #average

01/31/15 11:19 am

Great new video from up-and-coming clothing brand the Average Squad. The short was posted by reddit user Nerdsrock22, who said: “My friends and I all have pretty normal cars, but we did our bet to give them their due respect.” It shows a string of pretty average cars, but in the best possible light — and […]

This Man Was Too Poor To Buy A Car. How He Treats Them Now Is So Touching

01/31/15 10:13 am

This is one of the most touching videos about cars in a long time. It tells the story of a man who grew up in the Philippines, going down the parking lots to watch burnouts, and aspiring to own a Japanese car of his own. At the time he was never able to because his […]

Lucky Escape from Out of Control Truck

01/30/15 2:20 am

This man had a lucky escape on a New Jersey Turnpike when he had to stop on the road due to two trucks blocking the way ahead.He decided to get his camera out while he was waiting and take a shot, little did he know what was coming up behind him.A huge tractor trailer loses control […]

Woman Steals TV in Way You Won’t Believe

01/29/15 12:47 pm

This enterprising woman was not shy or short on inventive ideas on how to get a TV out of the local store without paying for it. She walks in bold as brass and casually picks up the TV and whips it under her dress….then uses her special thigh grip powers and heads off. The incident took place in the city of Guápiles, Costa Rica, where cameras in the store captured the action…

Concept Car Videos from Detroit Auto Show

01/29/15 4:32 am

As at every big car show manufacturers at the Detroit Auto Show 2015 were keen to give us their vision of the future, or at least a few whacky ideas to keep their designers happy!From the Maserati Alfieri to the Mercedes-Benz F015 Luxury in Motion there is bound to be something to raise an eyebrow. […]

Concept Car Pictures from Detroit Auto Show

01/29/15 4:31 am

Well we still had a few pics from the in Detroit Auto Show to put up. These are some of the concept cars manufacturer were showing off during the event. As ever with concepts form the ridiculous to the sublime and the cool to the crap, but always fun to check them out. Including Hyundai Santa […]

Nissan #withdad Super Bowl Commercial Teaser

01/29/15 3:25 am

Nissan have revealed the first glimpse of their #withdad Super Bowl commercial set to screen at the sporting extravaganza on Sunday.The firm has also decided to extend the length of their spot by 30 seconds to 90 seconds, which Nissan says will feature two surprise products. One of them is set to be their new LMP1 car.The […]

This Is What A Horror 150-Car Pile-up In Snow Looks Like (VIDEO)

01/28/15 3:50 pm

This incredible footage shows the terrifying unfolding of a massive 150-car pile-up that took place on the I-94 interstate highway in Michigan on Friday.The onlooker filming the horror crash watched in horror after semi after semi slid on black ice, slamming into vehicles in front of them.Passenger cars were also involved, with drivers unable to stop […]

Handcuffed Woman Takes Police Cruiser for Spin – Video

01/28/15 8:45 am

This crazy video taken from the dashcam of a police cruiser in Beaver County US shows a handcuffed woman making a high speed getaway.According to reports the woman was 27-year-old Roxanne Rimer, who stole the car after climbing in from the back where she had been detained on suspicion of shoplifting.Rimer took off down Route 51 and hit […]

Car Wash with Difference – NSFW

01/28/15 8:22 am

Well at the Braga Tuning Motor Show they certainly have an interesting take on the car wash, this clip shows some young women making do without much of a sponge.There is even a guy who strips off with them, though for any women reading we have to say it is bit one-sided.The funniest thing about this […]

Mercedes-AMG GT S Pricing

01/26/15 5:45 am

Mercedes-AMG has announced pricing for the new Mercedes-AMG GT S.The GT S will go on sale in the US in April this year with a MSRP of $129,900 plus $925 destination and delivery.The car was developed completely in-house and is driven by a 4.0 bi-turbo V8 that pumps out 503 horsepower and will get you from 0-60mph […]

The 10 Stupidest Slang Words And Phrases

01/21/15 2:58 am

Slang is an alternative to the use of proper language and grammar. It’s used by people for different reasons. Some use it to be different and unique. Others use it as a form of rebellion against authority or established expectations and norms. One way or the other, slang has a way of working itself into accepted mainstream language. Dictionaries add slang words as they become so commonly used that they are used in everyday conversations. But there are a few slang words that are so completely annoying that we hope they never become completely acceptable. The Top 10 Stupidest Slang Words And Sayings 10 The Cat’s Pajamas This one is […]

Most Venomous Spiders In The World

01/21/15 2:47 am

The most venomous spiders in the world are not something you want to come across very often. But their contribution to the world is actually extremely valuable, mainly due to their role as biological control agents, keeping down the populations of things like insects, mice and other vermin. Pretty much anywhere you look on earth, you’ll be able to find spiders — you may not know it but there is always a spider within a few feet of you at any one time. Various species of spider have populated the world since the Devonian Period 380 MILLION years ago — far longer than humans have been around. But despite their benefits, […]

10 Celebs Still Earning Megabucks Despite Being Dead

01/21/15 2:16 am

Just because you’re dead doesn’t mean you have to stop earning money — and in the case of some celebrities that can mean huge sums of cash. According to financial website Forbes, the highest earning living celebrity is Madonna, who earned $125 million over the past year. But that was dwarfed by the highest earning celebrity of all — the late and great King of Pop Michael Jackson, who earned an astonishing $160million over the same period despite dying in 2009. Here we look at the ten top earning dead celebrities and famous people. 10 Theodor Geisel ($9m) You may not recognise this guy at all — but what if […]

This Looks Like A Normal Water Tower. Wait Til You See What’s Inside. Wow.

01/19/15 10:22 am

If you were walking along the street and passed this water tower you probably wouldn’t give it a second thought. But if you knew what was inside you would be amazed. The unassuming tower was bought by businessman Patrick Mets who decided to convert it into a dream home. As well as renovating the inside, the owner renovated the exterior to restore it to its former glory and retain the original feel of the building, which was built between 1938 and 1941. The work was carried out by Belgium’s Bham Design Studio, and features a string of innovative ideas to make the most of the space inside. And although it […]

The 10 Highest Paid Actors In The World

01/19/15 4:16 am

No one would say that the life of an actor is an easy one. Long hours, memorizing lines, and paparazzi following your every move must make everyday living tough. However, some actors are paid well for their work…very well! Here we reveal the ten highest paid actors in the world — and some may surprise you. As even if you don’t have as much acting talent as others in your field, as long as you can rake in millions at the box office you’re on to a winner. 10 Mark Wahlberg ($32million in past year) At 43, Wahlberg is a Hollywood moneymaker. From his super-stardom as a teen music idol with Marky […]

Ten Wild And Wacky Celebrity Family Feuds

01/16/15 8:34 am

The family feud that erupted in 2014 between legendary radio DJ Casey Kasem’s kids and their stepmom as his health deteriorated is one of the most bizarre in history. But it’s certainly not the first high-profile family drama to be played out on the world’s stage. Here we look at ten other wild and wacky feuds involving well-known celebrities. 1 Anna-Nicole Smith Anna-Nicole Smith married 89-year-old J Howard Marshall II when she was only 26. The marriage lasted a scant 14 months but although the two were rarely seen together, they were still legally wed upon the billionaire’s death in 1995. E. Pierce Marshall, a son and heir of J […]

10 Bizarre Unidentified Body Cases

01/16/15 8:32 am

Everybody is given a name at birth — yet there are thousands of people, mostly crime victims, buried in plots marked simply “Jane or John Doe” after their bodies have been found but left unidentified. Who are they? What stories do they have to tell? And most importantly, will there ever be any clues that lead to them being identified? We look at ten of the most bizarre unidentified body cases in the US. 10 Beth Doe Found in Carbon County, PA, on 12/20/1976 On a cold December day, a boy found three suitcases that appeared to have been thrown off the I-80 highway in Pennsylvania. They contained the body of […]

This Dog Loves His Toy. What He Does When It Squeaks Is Hilarious.

01/13/15 3:39 pm

Walter the dog loves his squeaky toy…but he just can’t figure out where the sound comes from — and what he does when he hears it is the most adorable thing ever. The golden retriever loves running around with the blue ball. But every time he hears it squeak it stops him in his tracks. He then looks around as if to say, ‘Who’s playing a trick on me!’. It keeps happening and he just can’t seem to figure it out, much to the amusement of his owner. You won’t be able to watch this without a smile on your face. Via Walter Santi.

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