How To Play Agario

Like the look of this? Check out our guide below on how to play Agario

Agario is one of the most popular games to come out over the past 12 months.

It’s a massively multiplayer game, meaning you play against other people around the world live online.

Because the back-end of the game is all based around maths, we love the concept here at TTH. But how do you play it?

Agario is available on many different sites. Follow the link to play Agario on our sister site M&C.

How To Play Agario – The Quick-Start Guide

The main aim of Agario is to eat things smaller than you, and become the biggest blob possible.

It is pretty simple to play, although there are a few things you need to get your head around. Here is our quick bullet-point guide to playing.

  • Play as a guest or log in with Facebook or Google.
  • Choose which mode you want to play: FFA (Free-For-All); Teams (Join one of three teams: Red, Blue or Green); Experimental (where there might be new game elements the developer is testing); and Party (where you can create a room with friends to play together).
  • Press the settings cog wheel if you want to choose which geographical area you want to play in: North America, South America, Europe, Russia, Turkey, East Asia, China, Oceania.
  • Choose a nickname. There are some special names such as ‘Doge’ or ‘Putin’ which will style your blob with a certain skin.
  • Move around the game area using the mouse.
  • Eat the small dots, known as pellets, which will make you grow in size.
  • Avoid other players who are bigger than you who will try to eat you.
  • Once you are big enough, try to swallow players who are smaller than you. But the bigger you are the slower you will go.
  • Press Space to split in two. This can help you move around quicker. The bit that splits off will also be ejected in the direction you are travelling, which is a good way to eat people.
  • After a certain time, your split cells will merge back together. The length of time depends on how big you are.
  • Press W to eject a small bit of mass. This can make you move quicker. Giving other players a small bit of your mass can also show them that you want to have an agreement not to eat each other.
  • Use ‘viruses’ (stationary blobs with jagged edges) to hide behind when you are small. Avoid them when you are big as they will split you.
  • Become the biggest cell you possibly can, and try and top the leaderboard.

If you notice any errors or ommisions in this How To Play Agario guide, please let us know in the comments section below and we will make the changes.

Agario Skins

There are lots of different skins to use in Agario, which add a bit of humor to the game. To use them, just enter the relevant name in the ‘nickname’ option at the start screen.

Some of the best ones include (in order above) ‘doge’, ‘wojak’, ‘sanik’, ‘ayy lmao’, ‘sir’, ‘8’, ‘earth’, ‘moon’, mars’, ‘trump’, ‘putin’, ‘fidel’, ‘bush’, ‘stalin’ and ‘kim jong-un’.

There are also extra ones which can be added by installing extensions, but it’s probably best to just stick to the approved ones to start with.

Agario Tips And Tricks

  • Use the Space cell-splitting function to eat smaller cells quicker.
  • Find out where the corners are. The Agario play area has limits and the corners are a good place to trap your prey. Just don’t get caught in there yourself!
  • Hide behind viruses when you’re small to stop yourself getting eaten by big cells. If cells larger than the virus come into contact with it, the virus will cause the larger cell to split. But remember all cells that are smaller than the virus will fit behind there, and if they’re smaller than the virus but bigger then you they’ll still be able to eat you.
  • You can feed a virus by pressing ‘W’ and giving it a tiny bit of your mass. Sometimes doing this quickly next to a big cell that’s trying to catch you can cause it to grow so they hit it.
  • Shooting a virus with 7 pellets will cause it to grow and Duplicate.
  • When you get to big, split into multiple smaller parts to allow yourself to move quicker.
  • Keep an eye out for large cells that have been split too many times – allowing you to enjoy a veritable feast.