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Deadmau5’s McLaren P1 Wrap Is Pretty Bad. But At Least It’s Not Nyan Cat

05/06/15 8:45 am

House music producer Deadmau5 has had a second go at giving a supercar a wrap after causing uproar by decorating his Ferrari 458 Italia with the internet’s most annoying pop-tart pussy, Nyan Cat. The bad news is, he hasn’t really done himself any more favors with his new McLaren P1, adorning it with dozens of […]

This Woman Could Be The World’s Worst Parker

05/05/15 9:28 am

It’s always going to be a hardly-fought title for the worst parker in the world. There have been several great contenders — but this woman could just about clinch it. She was filmed by a dashcam outside a shopping mall in Victoria, Australia, as she tried to reverse park into a space at the end […]

This Speeding Nissan 350Z Driver Has A Deathwish

05/05/15 7:37 am

This Nissan 350Z driver is an absolute maniac — as he speeds through traffic at super-high speeds. The idiotic driver seemed to have no respect at all for other road users as he swerved in and out of traffic on a busy highway at around double the average speed. There are several instances when another […]

Hellcat takes on GT500 and Supra in half mile

05/04/15 8:18 am

The action takes place at the half mile event in Coalinga, CA where this Dodge Challenger Hellcat takes on a Shelby GT500 and a Toyota Supra.You can read more about the Hellcat here.Watch the action below:

Scooter blocks bus, wait till you see what the driver does!

05/04/15 7:55 am

This bus driver can run!
This scooter rider seems oblivious to the bus trying to overtake him.Is he is annoyed the bus is right up his rear, just being awkward or just minding his own business.Also not really sure the bus should be going much faster on those busy streets but when in Rome.Anyway, the bus driver is not too […]

Ram celebrates courage in new ads

05/04/15 7:38 am

Truck maker Ram have released two new ads celebrating the courage they say we all have within us.The ads were released to time with the Churchill Downs and the Kentucky Derby.You can check out the ads below:Courage Is Already InsideThe Pack

Street racing in NYC

05/04/15 7:37 am

Some very down to earth street racing in NYC.Runs include a K-Series Civic EG Vs a pickup truck and Civic EK Vs Civic EG.It’s not like you see in Fast and Furious but its real car fans racing on the street.

Yamaha R1M Vs R35 GTR street race

05/03/15 8:04 am

This Yamaha R1M goes up against a R35 GTR putting out 750 horsepower.The R1 has an inline-four-cylinder, 998cc engine.

Tiny car with 500 bhp in all-electric drag race

05/03/15 7:38 am

This Enfield 8000 went head to head with a Beetle in an all-electric drag race.The 1974 Enfield 8000 had just 8 horsepower when it was first made, this one now has over 500.We guess there will be a lot more of this in the future, though not quite the same without the roar of the engines and smell of some […]

Car Websites — Full List

05/01/15 10:31 am

Car websites are pretty plentiful in this day and age, but it can sometimes be quite hard to find the right one for you. Whether you are looking for car news or to buy or sell a car, finding a website with the kind of content you’re looking for is important. We thought it would be helpful […]

Fire from Ice as Town Heats Itself from Chilly Fjord

03/10/15 6:45 pm

Image by gfpeck, under CC license.
Drammen, around 40 miles from Oslo in Norway is using the local fjord to heat nearly all the homes and businesses of its 65,000 residents. The fjord’s water is at 8C, pretty chilly. However, using heat pump technology and a few innovations they have managed to create a system that saves them money and cuts down on carbon emissions. Heat Pumps are not new, but the ones we’ve seen have all been air to ground or more common examples are your freezer or air conditioning. They absorb heat from a cold space and release it to a warmer one. It all came about because the city’s heating company realised the water temperature […]

Cartoonist Chuck Jones’ Rules For Wild E. Coyote And The Road Runner

03/05/15 3:53 am

Ever wondered how you make a super-popular cartoon? How do you keep the same themes running throughout a series so that you can tell different stories but have the characters remain consistent? A set of rules, that’s how. Here is a list of governing principles that cartoonist Chuck Jones created for one of the most popular Loony Tunes series, Wild E. Coyote and The Road Runner. As you will see, they are very simple, but they provided the foundations for what became one of the most popular cartoon shows of all time. Now check out the video below to see if the makers followed the rules Via mr_stevetighe

Man Makes Tiny Edible Pancakes with Tiny Kitchen Tools (Video)

02/27/15 11:35 am

This Japanese guy cooks up some pancakes…nothing special there right? Well he uses tiny implements to do it and makes perfect little pancakes. Kinda cool and they look tasty!

What Color is this Dress?

02/27/15 10:12 am

White and Gold or Blue and Black?
Well this one has been trending all over the web, just what color is this dress? It all started in Scotland when the mother of a bride-to-be sent a picture to her daughter asking what she thought of the dress. The bride and groom each saw the image differently, this then got posted online and picked up by some viral sites. The lighting in the photo is probably causing different people to see it as either white and gold or blue and black. Prof Stephen Westland, chair of color science and technology at a university in the UK told the BBC that it was impossible to see what other people see but that it […]

Octopus hunts on land, grabs crab (Video)

02/25/15 6:20 am

This crab is minding its own business searching the rock pools for food when suddenly an octopus leaps out of the water and grabs it. The amazing thing is that the octopus does not just jump on the crab it actually pulls it all the way back to the rock pool it came from. If you check the second video you will see it is not unknown for octopus to come out of the water and the one in the second video has a crab with it, though is not hunting one! Octopus Walks on Land at Fitzgerald Marine Reserve The video was taken by Porsche Indrisie in Yallingup, Western […]

Stunning Mars Rover Selfie

02/24/15 6:02 pm

This image by the Curiosity Mars rover is not exactly your typical selfie. It is made up of a bunch of images taken by the rover during January 2015 by the Mars Hand Lens Imager. This (MAHLI) camera is at the end of the robot’s arm. For a sense of scale the rover’s wheels are about 20 inches diameter and 16 inches wide. Check the annotated image below for more information on the surroundings. Also if you really want to see some detail click this very large image, 36mb, at NASA.  

How the Sahara Helps Feed the Amazon (Video)

02/24/15 5:34 pm

Sahara to Amazon
This cool video from NASA shows how dust is transferred across the Atlantic to the Amazon rainforest and helps nourish the plants growing there. For the first time scientists have measured the amount of dust and the amount of phosphorus in the dust. The later acts like a fertiliser and helps replenish the phosphorus the rainforest loses each year, around 22,000 tons. Amazing how something we perceive as being desolate like a desert actually has an important role in sustaining somewhere we see as teeming with life. Image and video from NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center.

Bouncing Laser Guided Bomb (Video)

02/24/15 10:44 am

This amazing video shows a laser guided bomb bouncing back up after hitting its target. We actually think this is a non-explosive bomb designed to test guidance systems but it is still pretty remarkable and somewhat scary.

South Koreans Swallowed by Sinkhole (Video)

02/24/15 10:27 am

Thankfully the couple survived their adventure.
This amazing footage taken from the CCTV on a passing bus shows the moment two pedestrians in South Korea fall down a sinkhole in the street! Rescue workers managed to save the pair, who were treated in a nearby hospital for minor injuries. According to reports the city authorities and the Korean Geotechnical Society are looking into the cause.

Cheetah Pictures

02/24/15 8:04 am

Some Cool Cheetah Pictures Cheetahs are found mainly in Africa but also some parts of the Middle East. These sleek animals are the fastest land mammals in the world and can hit 60 mph in about 3 seconds, though they cannot maintain this speed for long. Cheetahs prey mostly on antelopes and smaller mammals but occasionally go for something bigger. We hope you enjoy these photos and don’t forget to check out the other speedy land mammals on our list of the fastest.

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