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Miami Formula E Tickets On Sale Now

12/19/14 3:29 am

Tickets for the first US race in the Formula E calendar — Miami — are on sale now.The ePrix is the fifth round in the electric racing championship’s first season, and will see downtown Miami turned into an eight-turn 1.3mile race track.It will be the first of two Formula E races held during the US this season […]

Our Most Popular Car Games Of 2014

12/18/14 3:07 am

It’s that time of year when we take stock of where we’re at and button down the hatches over Christmas and New Year. Looking back at the year that was is always a pleasure as we get to see what you, our readers, enjoyed…and what you didn’t! Our car games section has grown a lot over […]

This Guy Started The Most Epic Subway Singalong Ever

12/17/14 4:29 pm

In a big city like London the daily commute or late-night trip home on the subway can be a chore at best and a struggle at worst. A singer called Neil Francis decided to treat his fellow travellers to a rousing version of Erasure’s tune A Little Respect — most of them having just come from a concert by the 80s duo. But what he wasn’t expecting was for the ENTIRE platform to join in. Wow, the acoustics in the tunnels are awesome. Someone should suggest they hold concerts down there.  Just make sure the trains aren’t running. Filmed by Jon Trapnell via DayVideoEdits.

Monster Truck World Speed Record Broken By The Raminator

12/17/14 5:45 am

The monster truck speed record has been broken by road-going goliath The Raminator.The truck, sponsored by Ram Trucks, hit 99.10mph on the 3.4mile Circuit of The Americas in Austin, Texas,It broke the previous record of 96.8mph while being driven by nine-time Monster Truck Racing Assocation Driver Of The Year Mark Hall.The Raminator has been named […]

Car Games Update – December 2014

12/17/14 4:09 am

Our car games section is constantly growing and becoming more popular by the day. Over the past month we’ve added a whole new bunch of games — and here’s a handy little guide so you can see what’s new on the site. Our all-time most popular game is still Happy Wheels. But maybe one of […]

Remember Laser Guns From Sci-Fi Films? They’re A Real Thing Now

12/16/14 4:11 am

A new video released by the Office of Naval Research shows their latest Laser Weapon System (LaWS) being tested aboard the USS Ponse while the ship was in the Persian Gulf. The laser allows for incredibly precise targeting, and in the example include a drone and two tiny points on board smaller vessels. It’s amazing to think that there is no actual bullet being fired, but that the target is still completely destroyed. Naval officers prepare to target a small boat from inside the USS Ponse. They are able to fix the laser gun on the tiniest targets. Here they are aiming at the tiny white dot. And when the moment is right, the laser […]

Ever Wondered What Would Happen If You Stepped On Lava?

12/16/14 3:56 am

Ever thought what would happen if you tried to walk on lava? Well, now we know — thanks to Alex Rivest, a tour guide in Hawaii, who placed his boot on some lava to show how vicious the molten rock really is. When lava exits the vents at the Kilauea volcano it comes out at an incredible 700°C to 1,200°C (1,292°F to 2,192 °F). And when you step on it, breaking the already solidifying surface, the rush of oxygen makes a momentary mini-eruption as the soaring temperatures are fed by the air. The viscous surface then slowly expands again to fill the dent. Another interesting snippet of information about lava is that falling […]

The 10 Best Christmas Movies Of All Time

12/15/14 2:42 pm

Before cable television, the internet, and smart phones, kids eagerly awaited the Christmas movies that came on TV once a year. With the TV Guide in hand, all children would know which channel and what day and time their favourite movies would come on. No one wanted to be grounded on those nights, as missing the magical holiday hits was a crushing blow to any child’s holiday. But, what makes one Christmas movie better than the rest? Is it the music? The characters? Well, in the words from the Grinch, ”What if Christmas…perhaps…means a little bit more?” Maybe the best Christmas movies mean a little bit more too. The ten best […]

I Knew Drones Could Take Cool Photos. But Not This Cool. Wow.

12/11/14 3:33 pm

The drone really arrived on the scene during 2014 — with the aerobotic gadgets selling in droves across the world. But one of the most awesome uses for them has been as cameras — opening up a whole new world of photography to amateurs and professionals alike. The website Dronestagram has made it its mission to keep track of the best of what this new medium, launching a competition to find the best drone photographs of 2014. Founder Eric Dupin told the BBC: “It depicts a new vision of the world, so different from images taken by satellite or plane or helicopter, or, on the other end, street view images. It is a […]

The Mind-blowing 2015 BMW 6 Series (PICTURES)

12/11/14 3:45 am

Here’s a great selection of pictures of the new 2015 BMW 6 Series to salivate over. The new third-generation model comes in three different body styles, a traditional two-door Coupe, an open-air Convertible, and a four-door Gran Coupe. All body styles are available with the option of three different engines — the 640i models have […]

Beard Baubles: The Perfect Gift For The Bearded Man In Your Life

12/10/14 3:31 pm

Every year when Christmas comes around the pressure mounts to find the perfect presents for the men in your life — sons, dads, brothers, friends and lovers. This year that problem has been solved as long, that is, as said man has a beard. In beard baubles, top UK advertising agency Grey London has invented the most hipstertasic present in the history of man. The baubles are just like the ones you’d put in your tree, but are instead specially designed to hang in a man’s facial fur. The agency dreamt up the idea when trying to think of an item to distribute with their annual Christmas card. They have since been swamped with orders from around the […]

These Are The Planet’s Oldest Living Things. And One Was Killed To Make Way For A Road.

12/10/14 3:17 am

Contemporary artist Rachel Sussman has spent the past ten years travelling around the world taking pictures of the planet’s oldest living things. Ranging from plants nearly 10,000 years old, to clones of trees around 700,000 years old, to think what planetary changes these organisms have lived through is awe-inspiring.  All are more than 2,000 years old, yet that didn’t stop one of them being killed off to make way for a new road. And as natural habitats change under human pressures, more could well be at risk in the future. These powerful photographs capture their legacy. Palmer’s Oak, Riverside, California, the world’s oldest living plant at 3,000 years old. Yup, that’s it — the grey bushy […]

They Gave This Homeless Man Some Pizza. What He Did With It Brought Me To Tears.

12/09/14 5:26 pm

If someone came up to you in the street and asked you for your last slice of pizza because they were hungry, what would you do? Would you turn away and tell them to leave you alone, or would you take them at their word and give it to them because they need it more than you? The following video was done as a social experiment to see what reaction two men would get if they went up to strangers and asked them for a slice of pizza. Later in the video they give some spare pizza to a barefooted homeless man on the side of the street. They then have […]

This ‘Sexy’ PhD Fancy Dress Outfit Is For Sale On Amazon. Wait Till You Read The Reviews.

12/09/14 4:20 pm

A $38.50 fancy dress outfit on Amazon might sound normal enough. But when it’s advertised with a scantily-clad model and titled ‘Delicious Women’s Phd Darling Sexy Costume’ you have the recipe for uproar. The outfit was branded offensive and belittling to women in some comments. Then real women with PhDs began bombarding the Amazon posting with hilarious tongue-in-cheek reviews. Here are some of the best: Skirt part wasn’t short enough. Top part didn’t make my boobs look any bigger. Profs loved it! Was able to sleep my way through freshman and sophomore years, but then the polyester started getting really itchy. Discovered it was easier to just show up naked to class the last two years […]


12/09/14 6:59 am

Cubefield is fairly simple, like most addictive games, and involves piloting yourself through a field of cubes. The game switches between seemingly randomly placed cubes and more structured paths that you have to navigate. As things progress you speed up and the cubes become all the more complex and difficult to avoid. The colors also change and things get a little confusing at times. We included Cubefield as it really basic but so hard to put down, you really will hold your breath as your fingers and brain try and keep up with the screen. A tip is to keep an eye on the top of the screen rather than your […]

Esquire names Ram 1500 EcoDiesel as Truck of the Year

12/05/14 6:37 am

Ram 1500 EcoDiesel has won Esquire magazine’s Truck of the Year in its December issue. The magazine editors considered a variety of truck models in the U. S. market and gave the title to the Ram 1500 EcoDiesel thanks to its balance of power and fuel economy.In a Chrysler press release, Bob Hegbloom, President and […]

Motor Trend taps Chevy Colorado as 2015 Truck of the Year

12/03/14 6:23 am

Motor Trend has announced the Chevy Colorado is its 2015 Truck of the Year. The competition for the title is open to all-new or significantly updated trucks and vans for the upcoming model year, and the Colorado beat out six other vehicles for the title – including the Chevrolet Silverado 3500 HD, Ford F150 and […]

2015 Corvette Z06s ready to hit the road

12/03/14 6:04 am

Drivers will soon be behind the wheel of the 2015 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 coupe thanks to orders shipping from Bowling Green Assembly to several early customers.The Corvette Z06 has been designed to give owners a variety of choices to suit their needs. The vehicle will be available for the first time in an eight-speed paddle-shift […]

The Trailer For Driving Game ‘The Crew’ Looks Totally Awesome

12/03/14 3:51 am

There’s car games — and then there’s awesome car games. And The Crew, Ubisoft’s new offering, is going to be a winner, if the trailer is anything to go by.There has been a huge reaction to the new game in the US. Developed specially for next-gen consoles, you can race your friends and rivals in real […]

New Chevy Volt gives owners more charging options

11/28/14 7:45 am

Scheduled to debut in January at the North American International Auto Show, the next-generation Chevrolet Volt will be arriving in style and offering owners easier ways to recharge its battery and to check the vehicle’s charge status.The new Volt will feature GPS location-based charging that will allow owners to set their charging preferences exclusively for […]

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