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This Guy Shone A Laser At A POLICE Helicopter. It Didn’t End Well…

10/30/14 6:23 pm

The drink must have got too much for this guy in England, who thought it would be fun to shine a laser pen at a passing police helicopter. Shining lasers at any aircraft is illegal and extremely dangerous as it can temporarily blind the pilot and put lives at serious risk. That didn’t seem to be of any concern to the shaven-headed man and his friends as they sat around drinking outside. But little did they know that the police were immediately tracking him with super-sensitive heat-seeking cameras, and directing officers on the ground round to spoil his party. I never knew police helicopters could pick up so much detail. […]

Chevrolet shows off the 2015 Colorado with digital experience

10/30/14 6:43 am

Chevrolet has launched a new website to show buyers all the bells and whistles available on the all-new 2015 Chevy Colorado – which began shipping to dealers last month. The new digital experience website is designed to help customers pick which of the truck’s available accessories best fit their needs, and even allows buyers to […]

“Hello, operator? Yes, my horse…it’s in the pool.”

10/29/14 6:31 pm

These firefighters in Arizona got an unusual call when a local man asked for help when his horse got trapped — in his swimming pool. The horse, called Stormy, couldn’t get out after falling asleep. A vet tranquillised him and firefighters were then able to keep his head above water and pull him from the pool. Perhaps he’d just fancied a swim… Good news. Stormy is said to be doing well and no worse for wear after his swim.

Hundreds Of Millions Of Dollars Go Up In Smoke As Rocket Explodes

10/29/14 6:06 pm

Ever seen hundreds of millions of dollars go up in flames? That’s just what happened when the rocket Antares and its cargo spacecraft Cygnus blew up just after launch creating a spectacular sight caught on camera. The Orbital Sciences Corp’s spacecraft was due to deliver several tons of supplies to the International Space Station. But when some issues were detected just seconds into the launch the ground control decided to press the red button and destroy it. Thankfully nobody was injured in the explosion. Listen to the understatement and stating the obvious from these news presenters. This second video shows how big the blast was, taken from a Cessna 177 Cardinal […]

This Woman Walks Through NYC For 10hrs. The Harassment She Receives Is Shocking.

10/29/14 5:30 pm

Women are subjected to verbal harassment in the street on a daily basis, from wolf-whistles to winks and inappropriate glances. But this video shows just how bad it can be. The footage shows a normal woman walking through New York City for 10 hours, wearing regular jeans and a crewneck t-shirt, and just generally going about her business. But the amount of harassment she gets — more than 100 instances — is shocking. Not only that, but some of it is downright creepy, with men she’s never met following her relentlessly along the street for several minutes. No woman should have to put up with this. Now imagine what it […]

Mazda to debut CX-3 and MX-5 at Los Angeles Auto Show

10/29/14 9:35 am

Mazda has announced plans to premiere the new Mazda CX 3, its new compact crossover SUV, at the Los Angeles Auto Show, which will be open to the public November 21st-30th. The Mazda MX-5 roadster will also make its North American motor show debut. The Mazda CX-3 features a line-up of new-generation products displaying the […]

Ford issues safety recall for 204,448 Ford Edge and Lincoln MKX

10/29/14 9:05 am

Ford has issued a safety recall for 204,448 of the 2007-2008 Ford Edge and Lincoln MKX in North America due to the possibility of corrosion under the brackets where the fuel takes are mounted to the vehicle. The corrosion has the potential to result in a fuel odor, leak (which might result in fire if […]

Mopar Previews SEMA Custom Rides

10/29/14 8:25 am

We have added a set of pictures released by Mopar ahead of the SEMA Show. Mopar are bringing a whole load of bling to the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show in Las Vegas early next month. The company will be showing off hundreds of parts and accessories as well as modified vehicles from Chrysler, Jeep, […]

Audi R8 Competition – The Most Powerful Production Audi Ever

10/29/14 6:50 am

Audi has revealed details of their new super-fast Audi R8 Competititon — the most powerful and fastest production Audi ever built. The R8 goes from 0-60mph in just 3.2 seconds with a mind-blowing top speed of 199mph. Just 60 of the cars will be sold in the US – so get your order in early! […]

I Thought This Was Just Washing Machines In A Van. But Then I Found Out What They Were For. Wow!

10/28/14 6:18 pm

Everyone needs to wash their clothes, even homeless people. And two 20-year-old guys from Brisbane, Australia, set out to do something about that. Meet Lucas and Nic, the founders of Orange Sky Laundry. Two big-hearted guys who came up with an amazing idea. Lucas Patchett and Nicholas Marchesi wanted to help people less fortunate than themselves, and also provide an outlet for 18-30 year olds who wanted to help the community but find it hard discovering volunteering opportunities. So they decided to convert a normal old van into a free mobile washing service for the homeless people in the area they live. They did all the work themselves, and have now […]

Turn Your Dog Into A Lovable Skeleton With Non-Toxic Paint

10/28/14 5:12 am

Every year when Halloween comes around us humans try to outdo each other with the scariest-looking fancy dress. But Bryn Anderson took it a step further and got her dog Nixe in on the act too. Using non-toxic paint, she painted fake bones on Nixe to make her look like a walking skeleton. And the result is just awesome. The best part about it? Nixe, a 13-month old black german shepherd, has no idea how cute she looks. Awwww. Adorable. You can follow Nixe on Facebook. NOTE: If you’re going to have a go at this, make sure you use NON-TOXIC paint. Via brynmarele

If You Thought Your Pumpkin Was Scary…Wait Till You See These

10/28/14 4:21 am

Jon Neill is a super-talented sculptor — and his medium really makes him stand out from the crowd. Jon uses his talents to create what must be the world’s most terrifying PUMPKINS. Each one is an incredible work of art. But some of them are so scary they could give you nightmares. Millions of people around the world will be carving out pumpkins this Halloween. But it’s safe to say none of us will come close to making anything as good as the amazing pieces Jon has created…just don’t look at them with the lights out! Pretty amazing…and terrifying! Find out more about Jon Neil at Also check out his […]

These Might Look Like Dogs But They Are Actually Stealth Ninjas

10/27/14 6:19 pm

Border Collie sheep dogs are probably the most intelligent of all dogs. And what better way to exercise your smartness than by playing pranks on your sheepdog pals. These two mischievous friends look like something out of a cartoon as they creep up on another dog, showing off their ninja skills. In full stealth mode they creep through the grass behind another dog without him noticing. I love the anticipation as they move up to him in what looks like slow motion. Wait for 1.35. It brightened my day! Via A Sheepdog Diary

These Timelapse Videos Of The Stars Are Insanely Beautiful And Totally Humbling

10/27/14 6:05 pm

These mesmerising time-lapse videos are the work of film-makers Gavin Heffernan and Harun Mehmedinović. Actually thousands of individual pictures put together the videos show places such as The Wave rock formation and Death Valley. Watch as the world turns and the stars wheel as they have done over these rocks for hundreds of millions of years. Videos by Sunchaser Pictures.

2015 Nissan Quest Prices and Specs

10/27/14 3:26 pm

Nissan has released pricing and specifications for the 2015 Nissan Quest. The family targeted features enhanced logic to the gearbox, fuel economy increased by 2 mpg on the highway and 1 mpg in the city, a 5 inch color display for the audio instead of the old 4.3 inch and the Platinum trim comes with […]

This Girl Shows What It’s Like To Live With Narcolepsy. And It’s Anything But Funny.

10/26/14 3:17 am

Brave narcolepsy sufferer Sarah Elizabeth has released a video of herself showing what it is like to suffer from the condition (where you suddenly fall asleep) and another related condition that she also has called cataplexy (where your muscles suddenly become week). Sarah was filming a video of herself giving an instructional dance video when she suffered an episode of both conditions and it was accidentally caught on camera. During the video she also suffers from dizziness, confusion and a ‘mini-sleep’ spell while she is standing up. Sarah said she posted the video up because she had often been asked what it was like to live with narcolepsy, and that […]

Formula E ‘FanBoost’ Voting Opens For Second Race Of Season

10/25/14 1:05 pm

Voting for the FanBoost part of the next FIA Formula E race is now open — where fans can vote for their favorite driver to get an extra burst of speed during the race. The FanBoost is one of a number of rules added to Formula E to differentiate it from other motosports races and […]

300 Miles From One Gallon And No, That’s Not A Typo

10/22/14 2:01 pm

Imagine you’re in a bar and a guy walks up and asks if you’d be interested in buying a car that is capable of 300mpg. What would you do? Run? Hit him? Ignore him? Or take your wallet out and buy it on the spot? Well, that guy is Mr Volkswagen and that is exactly […]

2015 Nissan Pathfinder Prices and Specs

10/22/14 7:11 am

Nissan has announced pricing and specs for the 2015 Nissan Pathfinder. The SUV, which is on sale now, starts at $29,510 for the S trim and 2-wheel drive up to $43,100 for the Platinum trim in 4-wheel drive. The Pathfinder got a redesign a few years back but the 2015 model has a few new […]

Miami ePrix Circuit Revealed

10/22/14 6:43 am

The FIA Formula E Championship has revealed the layout for the Miami ePrix circuit. Formula E is the world’s first all-electric racing series and the Miami ePrix will take place on March 14th next year. The mayor of Miami, Tomas Regalado, said: “The FIA Miami ePrix is precisely the type of international event that will […]

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