Among Us on Nintendo Switch’s price revealed and here’s how much it costs

Among Us On Nintendo Switch
Among Us on Nintendo Switch will not be free. Pic credit: @AmongUsGame/Twitter

The most popular game that toppled PUBG is now on Nintendo Switch. Among Us, the insanely popular and highly addictive multiplayer game is not available for free like its iOS and Android iterations.

To play Among Us on Nintendo Switch, players will have to pay $5.00. The asking price isn’t high, but it is still way higher than ‘Free’. Still, given the Switch’s large display and intuitive game controls, Among Us should quickly become one of the most bought and downloaded games for Nintendo Switch.

How to access Among Us on Nintendo Switch?

Gamers who are interested in playing Among Us on Nintendo Switch can head over to Nintendo eShop and purchase the same. The game is essentially a clone of all its iterations that are available for other platforms.

The game features all of the same maps and costumes as the other versions of the game. Since it is identical to other versions, this iteration should get the same major updates next year.

One of the most expected features of Among Us is platform cross-play, and the iteration for Switch has the same. In other words, players can easily sync and play with other players who are using their computers or smartphones.

Using cross-play in Among Us for Nintendo Switch is quite fluid and easy. Gamers intending to play with friends that are on a different platform should simply set up a private match. They will get a room code to share. Whether gamers are on PC, smartphone, or Switch, they can all input that room code and play together. This feature is applicable for online as well as local multiplayer sessions.

Among Us for Switch currently supports Japanese, Korean, and English languages. The size of the game is 421MB. It can be played in TV mode, tablet mode, and handheld mode. The player limit is set to 10. Gamers will need at least 4 players to play.

Among Us on Nintendo Switch features and limitations:

Among Us rose to popularity during the ongoing pandemic. Despite featuring rather elementary graphics, the game garnered a huge fanbase or gamers across the globe as popular content creators streamed the game live on platforms like YouTube and Twitch.

While the Among Us’ availability on Nintendo Switch should take the game to new heights, gamers are eagerly awaiting a new map. Among Us will get a brand-new map called Airship which will be bigger and offer several floors, contraptions, and tasks.

Incidentally, the Nintendo Switch version of Among Us lacks voice chat. This could be a dealbreaker as Among Us is a game where players need to argue, debate, collect clues, and shout accusations. Communication is key to playing the game. Typing is an option, but the delay could mean the difference between survival or elimination. Although the Switch version does not have the feature, gamers could try and use popular services such as Zoom or Google Meet.

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