Doom is back, check the screens and video

It was back in 1993 when ID Software traumatised the gaming world with the relentless assault that was Doom.

With an immersive quality no other games at the time could touch and more gore than an explosion at a butchers ir had everything needed to be a huge global hit. It spawned a horse of sequels and imitators but we are pretty sure anyone who played the original will still have a soft spot for it. Personally I fondly remember running backwards down a corridor in Quake while frantically emptying a chaingun into a shambler, hoping it would die before I ran hit the end of the hallway.

Now Bethesda is bringing ID’s latest version of Doom into the 21st century with versions for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC due out in Spring 2016.

Expect unparalleled carnage, fast multiplayer and an easy to use level editor….all sounds good.

Check out the screen below and a short trailer.

If you are hankering after the original, don’t worry we’ve got your back…you can play it in your browser right here.

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