Microsoft intervenes to help actual gamers buy latest Xbox Series S|X: Console Purchase Pilot scheme to combat scalpers and reseller price gouging?

Microsoft Xbox Series X S
Genuine gamers could get first dibs on the latest Xbox? Pic credit: Karel Nemecek/Pixabay

Actual gamers, buyers who purchase a game console to play games, are struggling to purchase any of the latest offerings from Microsoft and Sony. It seems Microsoft is trying to step in and put a brake on scalping and price gouging with its Console Purchase Pilot scheme.

Be it the Sony PlayStation 5 or the Microsoft Xbox Series X|S, there’s severe, and more specifically, artificial scarcity. Scalpers are selling these high-end game consoles for almost three times the actual MSRP. Microsoft, one of the manufacturers, seems to have come up with a solution.

What is the Microsoft Console Purchase Pilot scheme for Xbox Series X|S?

There’s little doubt that the Microsoft Xbox Series X|S, as well as the latest Sony PlayStation 5, are two of the most popular game consoles. Genuine gamers, however, are struggling to purchase a single console.

Sony and Microsoft are struggling to meet demand. They are also struggling with low stock and production issues. While the duo is working to address the production bottlenecks, the open market situation is getting out of hand.

Scalpers are running an insanely successful business by buying up multiple units and reselling at a premium on the aftermarket. There been several cases where such resellers have demanded about three times the original selling price of the game console.

Such unfair and unethical business practices hurt consumers in the short term. However, Microsoft is aware that scalpers could dent the image of the company as well.

Hence, the company has announced it is testing a new system in an effort to ensure only genuine gamers get the first claim over the incoming batches of Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles.

Microsoft is essentially attempting to ensure new shipments of Xbox Series X|S go to “genuine Xbox fans”. The Console Purchase Pilot scheme is now live in North America.

The scheme allows Xbox Insider members to reserve a console directly through an app installed on Xbox One. Microsoft reasons, players reserving a console through this scheme would already have a working Xbox Insider account.

Additionally, such gamers would signal they were ready for an upgrade via an Xbox One console. These are a few extra steps that Microsoft hopes will provide added authentication, and remove anonymity.

Will registering through the Console Purchase Pilot scheme ensure the purchase of the Xbox Series X|S game console?

Registration through the Microsoft Console Purchase Pilot scheme is clearly aimed at removing or denying access to bot software. These automated software algorithms, favorite among scalpers, routinely snatch multiple units of game consoles online, leaving actual gamers in the lurch.

The Console Purchase Pilot scheme is obviously available to a specific group of people. In other words, only those gamers who actually have an Xbox Insider account, qualify to submit their interest.

Gamers who are interested in upgrading to Xbox Series X|S should check out the Xbox Insider Hub on their Xbox One console for more details. Microsoft openly cautions that not everybody signing up is guaranteed a reserved console.

The Console Purchase Pilot scheme may not guarantee a reserved console, but it should help improve the relationship between genuine gamers and Microsoft. Additionally, the Xbox Series X|S maker would certainly have a better idea about the true demand.

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