Oculus Meta Quest 2 VR headset getting ‘Space Sense’, Android and iOS notifications, voice commands, and multitasking

Meta Quest 2 VR Headset Space Sense
No more punching or kicking people while playing VR. Pic credit: Facebook

Facebook has been working on quite a few features for the Oculus Meta Quest 2 VR gaming headset. Wearers will now get alerts about people walking into the play area with Space Sense.

The Quest 2 system software is undergoing rapid transformation. Along with Space Sense, which alerts those wearing the device to people or large pets in the vicinity, the VR headset will also receive notifications from smartphones.

Facebook seeds experimental features to Meta Quest 2 VR headset:

Facebook underwent a name change, and hence it also renamed the Oculus Quest 2 VR headset. The rechristened Meta Quest 2 VR headset will soon work without a Facebook account.

Before the change takes place, Meta has begun sending out version 34 of the Quest system software. The version is experimental, and very few users are receiving the new features.

Meta is trialing Space Sense, a new system that “allows you to see things like people and pets entering your Play Space when using Roomscale Guardian.”

The Release Note accompanying the new experimental software mentions:

“Space Sense enables you to see when objects or people intrude on your Guardian bounds. Other people, large pets, a chair that’s been dragged out of its usual spot—these objects and more should now be highlighted in your headset, surrounded by a pink-ish glow.”

“In addition to Space Sense, we’re currently testing additional guardian features as part of this release. Keep in mind that these features are still in development and won’t be seen by all users”.

Space Sense for the VR headset relies heavily on the existing Guardian system. The pre-existing system allows players to set boundaries around their play space that shows up in the headset. The new feature is applicable to objects up to 9 feet away.

Meta Quest 2 VR Headset will now receive Notifications from iOS and Android, as well as accept voice commands:

Meta Quest VR headset owners will now be able to receive Notifications from Android as well as iOS smartphones. These should pop-up in-game.

Meta is also offering a new Passthrough API. It allows developers to combine virtual reality with a player’s physical surroundings. Simply put, the VR headset could soon get Augmented Reality or Mixed Reality features.

Facebook is also adding its first 2D apps to the Oculus store. As part of “Multitasking”, Meta Quest 2 VR headset owners will get Web apps for Facebook, Instagram, Smartsheet, and Spike.

Gamers will also be able to use Voice Commands using the experimental wake phrase “Hey Facebook”. Users can also double-press the Oculus button or click the feature in the menu.

Finally, there’s “Secure Pairing” for Air Link. In addition to boosting security, Meta Quest 2 VR headset should have a slightly improved battery life.

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