The Sony PlayStation 5 revised model has a lighter heatsink and a quieter fan: Is reduced weight and hotter exhaust good for the PS5 V2?

Sony PlayStation 5
PS5 V2 has a smaller and lighter heatsink, but is it bad? Pic credit: Sony

Sony officially released a revised edition of the PlayStation 5. The PS5 V2 has a smaller and lighter heatsink as well as a new fan which is quieter.

The revised PS5 V2 weighs about 300 grams (0.66 pounds) less than the original model. As it turns out, Sony shaved off some metal off the heatsink and plonked a new fan. As a result, the PS5 V2 runs quieter but hotter, claims a report.

The Sony PS5 V2 has a new heatsink that’s lighter and a fan with lesser fins:

Sony had announced last month that it would be revising its original PS5 Digital Edition model to make it lighter. Some of the new models have the ID “CFI-1100B”.

Newer editions of Sony PS5 are arriving with the CFI-11XX numbering scheme. The older or original Sony PlayStation 5 models had the CFI-1XXX numbering scheme.

Sony is reportedly selling the Sony PS5 V2 models in Japan and Australia. When they first started arriving, buyers quickly noticed the models were significantly lighter than the original models.

The only visible design change was the screw that secures the stand when users place the console vertically. The new screw features a thicker, textured head, which makes it far easier to twist by hand. The original PS5 had a rather plain screw that needed a flathead screwdriver or a coin to rotate.

Technology YouTuber Austin Evans has posted a rather detailed comparison video. The video shows a revised unit of the PS5 Digital Edition from Japan to an original PS5 Digital Edition model.

After tearing the two models apart, Evans quickly discovered Sony had installed a smaller and lighter heatsink. Additionally, the company was using a new fan.

Upon closer inspection, the YouTuber discovered the weight of the new revision’s internal board with heatsink was 1368 grams (3.0 pounds). The original PS5 has a board that weighs 1639 grams (3.6 pounds).

Speaking about the fan, Sony has used a new one, which Delta Electronics manufactures. The new Delta fan has 17 wing blades, but the original Delta fan has 23 wing blades. The wing blades on the new 17-wing Delta protrude longer into the center than the original 23-blade Delta fan.

The Sony PS5 V2 runs slightly hotter and is a bit quieter than the original Sony PlayStation 5:

According to preliminary tests, the PS5 V2 runs a little hotter than the original Sony PlayStation 5. Evans claims the newer iteration reached temperatures of 55°C. The original PS5 topped at 52°C with the ambient temperature hovering at 24°C.

Apart from the 3 degrees of additional heat, the revised Sony PS5 is actually quieter. The fan noise in the new CFI-1100B variant is lower, claims Evans.

Simply put, the Sony PS5 V2 runs a little hotter but is also quieter. It is not clear if the extra heat is the result of the smaller heatsink or the better performance of the new fan. It is important to note that Evans himself indicates that more testing is needed.

Besides the heatsink and the fan, Sony has embedded a new Wi-Fi receiver component. Evans did not elaborate on the technical aspects of the new layout of the wireless internet communication module.

Although the PS5 V2 does run a little hot, it is quite possible that the game console will function optimally. Sony has had a full year to study the real-life usage of the PlayStation 5.

The company could have easily optimized the design of the heatsink and the fan. These components could extract the heat with a reduced footprint.

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