Acer is offering SpatialLabs on ConceptD: Stereoscopic 3D for Unreal Engine developers combines multiple technologies for immersive and dynamic 3D rendering

Acer SpatialLabs ConceptD
Acer promising glasses-free 3D display on a laptop. Pic credit: Dominic Alves/Flickr/CC BY 2.0

Acer has announced SpatialLabs for ConceptD laptops. It is a comprehensive suite of solutions to bring stereoscopic 3D experiences to laptops.

SpatialLabs needs special hardware such as integrated eye-tracking with a switchable 2D/3D stereoscopic display. It has real-time rendering technologies to “deliver an immersive, glasses-free stereoscopic 3D experience”.

SpatialLabs Experience Center enables creators to view their models in stereoscopic 3D with a single click:

Acer is promising to display content that “floats in front of the screen”. The company claims, with SpatialLabs, creators can examine their creations in real-time and 360 degrees.

The new technology is promising 3D stereoscopic display without the need for specialized glasses. Speaking about the launch, Jerry Kao, Co-COO, Acer Inc. said:

“Building on our commitment to creators through ConceptD, we’re excited to introduce SpatialLabs, the next step of Acer’s efforts to enable immersive experiences. SpatialLabs enhances 3D designers’ current workflow, so they can focus their time and resources on the creative process. For developers, SpatialLabs empowers them to create astonishing experiences in various verticals through our support for Unreal Engine.”

Using computers to create designs, artists no longer have to make multiple sketches from different angles. However, it is difficult to judge 3D proportions on a 2D screen, and hence, much was still left to a designer’s judgment.

The SpatialLabs Model Viewer promises to eliminate this limitation by providing an additional dimension for designers to work with, right out of the box. It claims to offer an intuitive 360-degree perspective in which creators can rotate, move, or even drag their models out of the screen.

This allows them to visually understand all angels. Even when creators have to consider a model from the same angle, more information is available in a stereoscopic 3D representation than a 2D one.

Acer relies on multiple technologies to offer 3D stereoscopic display:

Acer has achieved the SpatialLabs platform through the combination of an eye-tracking solution, a stereoscopic 3D display, and real-time rendering technologies.

A stereo camera set, located on top of the device, tracks the position and movement of a user’s head and eyes. The prototype laptop display has a UHD 2D panel with a liquid crystal lenticular lens optically bonded on top of it. It allows users to quickly switch back and forth between 2D and stereoscopic 3D views.

Needless to mention, a capable graphics processing technology can display a different image to each of a viewer’s eyes. This creates a stereoscopic 3D effect that allows content to appear as floating in front of the screen.

Creators can interact with 3D models in the SpatialLabs Experience Center using real-time rendering technologies.

At the onset, Acer is offering the SpatialLabs Experience Center to Unreal Engine developers. Interested developers can apply to be a part of the program. The application window closes on June 30th, 2021.

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