All popular antivirus products for Windows 10 work well with Windows 11: No one has officially slapped a ‘Compatible with’ label yet though

Windows 11 Popular Antivirus Firewall Compatible
Windows 11 is protected, right after the upgrade? Pic credit, Richard Patterson/Flickr

Just like Windows 10, even Windows 11 will need a reliable, and robust antivirus solution. It seems the majority of products, designed for Windows 10, work well with Windows 11 as well.

Although none of the popular antivirus and firewall product manufacturers have officially confirmed yet, third-party testing has indicated Windows 11 will have compatible cybersecurity solutions at launch.

Windows 11 will be at greater risk than Windows 10 as it can run several types and categories of apps:

Windows 11 will soon start rolling out to compatible and eligible PCs running Windows 10 and Windows 7. The latest Operating System from Microsoft will be available as a free upgrade to qualifying computers that have a genuine license.

The successor to Windows 10 does have some stringent “System Requirements”. Aspects such as Secure Boot and TPM 2.0 may not allow several older but still capable PCs to run Windows 11.

Microsoft claims Windows 11 is an evolution. It is indeed quite different from its predecessor. A centered start menu, taskbar, new UI, new context menus, new File Explorer, are just some of the many changes in the new OS.

Incidentally, Windows 11 welcomes and runs many types of apps. PC users will be able to install and run PWA, UWP, Win32, Linux, and even Android apps on their devices.

Needless to mention, this could exponentially increase the risk of viruses, trojans, and other malicious software infections. Hence, PC users running Windows 11 will need reliable antivirus and firewall solutions to protect their devices.

PC owners upgrading to Windows 11 from Windows 10 need not worry about compatible antivirus and firewall products reliably protecting the new OS:

Despite the elevated risk profile, Windows 10 users who upgrade to Windows 11, need not worry about getting a reliable antivirus and firewall product.

Reports indicate independent testing by AV-Comparatives (AVC) has confirmed the majority of popular cybersecurity platforms currently defending Windows 10, work well in Windows 11 as well. Simply put, researchers could install antivirus products without any trouble and these solutions started protecting the PC without needing expert intervention.

The online and digital security solutions reportedly detected malware samples with as much accuracy as they did in Windows 10. To pass the AV-Comparatives compatibility check, these solutions reportedly completed the following checklist:

  • Install successfully, without requiring specialist knowledge or workarounds
  • Activate Real-time protection without user intervention
  • Integrate With Windows security
  • Successfully update malware signatures, either automatically or manually
  • warn if real-time protection is disabled and allow the user to reactivate it easily
  • Provide at least the same malware detection as on Windows 10
  • Take appropriate action when malware is encountered, ensuring that the system is protected.
  • Have no bugs or erroneous notifications
  • Uninstall cleanly and remove its entry in Windows Security

It is important to note that none of the antivirus and firewall products currently sport the “Compatible with Windows 11” badge. Hence it would be wise to wait for a security vendor to claim Windows 11 compatibility.

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