Amazon Build It program gets ‘thumbs-up’ for Alexa-enabled Smart Sticky Note Thermal Printer as other products race to meet the pre-order goals

Amazon Build It Thermal Printer
Amazon Build It to produce Thermal Printer first. Pic credit: Simon/Pixabay

Amazon Build It program already has a first product that potential buyers have approved for production. The Kickstarter-like program essentially lets customers choose what the company builds next.

The recently launched Amazon Build It program has secured its first-ever crowd-sourced, crowd-funded, or crowd-approved product.  It is an Alexa-enabled Smart Sticky Note Thermal Printer.

Amazon Prime members voted to manufacture the Smart Sticky Note Printer, but other products not far behind:

Amazon launched Build It last week, and within just three days, secured approval to manufacture the Smart Sticky Note Printer. The printer does not need any ink but prints on a roll of paper.

Amazon introduced the program with three potential products: a Smart Sticky Note Printer, a Smart Nutrition Scale, and a Smart Cuckoo Clock. The other two products, Smart Nutrition Scale ($35) and Smart Cuckoo Clock ($80), are at 45 percent and 42 percent of their goals, respectively.

All three products had 30 days to reach their pre-order goal. However, the Alexa-enabled Smart Sticky Note Thermal Printer secured its pre-order goal within just 3 days.

Kickstarter and Indiegogo display a total dollar amount or the total number of preorders as their goals. However, Amazon Build It campaigns only show a percentage progress bar.

Amazon Build It Thermal Printer
Pic credit: Amazon

Incidentally, the other products still have about 25 more days to meet their pre-order goals. In other words, there’s a high chance, buyers will ensure Amazon produces the Smart Nutrition Scale and Smart Cuckoo Clock as well.

Amazon has slapped the “Day 1 Editions concept” label on all three Build It products. The eCommerce giant had labeled two products earlier. Amazon Prime members approved the Echo Frames smart glasses but chose to deny the go-ahead to the Loop smart ring.

What is the new preapproved Amazon Build It Alexa-enabled Smart Sticky Note Thermal Printer?

The first Build It approved product lets users print notes with Alexa. Buyers will need to pair the device with an Amazon Echo device. Incidentally, the printer does not need any ink or toner cartridges. It is a “thermal printer”, which means it needs special “thermal paper” to print.

Thermal printers are common at billing kiosks or cash registers in shops. They are very fast, and easy to set up as well as maintain.

The Amazon Build It Alexa-enabled Smart Sticky Note Thermal Printer sports an initial price of $90. The price includes one yellow sticky paper roll. Buyers can purchase yellow, blue, pink, or white paper as and when the first roll runs out.

Amazon was to change the price of the thermal printer after the pre-order goal was met. However, the company hasn’t indicated the new price yet. In fact, Amazon is allowing interested buyers to pre-order the printer for the discounted price until March 18.

Amazon has clearly managed to get its loyal customers excited. The company can now present prototypes of products and have an eagerly waiting market ready for the finished goods even before its factories produce the first retail unit.

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