Amazon insists drivers must provide biometric data for their safety or risk employment termination

Amazon Delivery Driver Biometric data
Amazon demands biometric data from Delivery drivers. Pic credit: Jose Miguels/Pixabay

Amazon is apparently asking its drivers to submit their biometric information. The eCommerce giant claims it is collecting unique biometric identities to ensure the safety and reliability of drivers, and the services they provide.

Amazon U.S is reportedly making it mandatory to hand over biometric identification information. The company has apparently asked the ‘Amazon delivery drivers’ to sign a new contract that clearly mentions the requirement.

Amazon delivery drivers must give their consent or risk losing their jobs?

Reports indicate delivery employees who operate the trucks Amazon uses for last-mile logistics, must sign a new contract. The newly drawn contract seemingly gives them an ultimatum: “Sign a ‘biometric consent’ form or lose your job.”

A new contract form that drivers must sign, mentions: “Amazon may use certain Technology that processes Biometric Information, including onboard safety camera technology which collects your photograph for the purposes of confirming your identity and connecting you to your driver account”.

“Using your photograph, this Technology, may create Biometric Information, and collect, store, and use Biometric Information from such photographs”.

Delivery drivers in the United States must give “consent to the use of Technology.”

Amazon had announced it would be installing the AI-powered cameras in all of its delivery vans, back in February this year. The company assured the cameras would boost safety and the quality of the delivery experience.

Netradyne, a tech company, manufacturers the cameras that the eCommerce company will use. The imaging equipment comes with artificial intelligence.

The cameras can detect when a driver is tired, distracted, or not wearing their seatbelt. Additionally, with AI and biometric information, Amazon can confidently ensure only authorized drivers are operating the delivery vehicles.

The company indicated it will be capturing pictures of the drivers. The company would use the biometric data to ensure that they match.

While this seems a legitimate and valid use, there are concerns about privacy. Moreover, technology to detect minor violations mentioned above, without biometric data, are available.

Is the eCommerce giant going too far with advanced imaging technology that has biometric identification and tagging?

Amazon currently works with more than 75,000 delivery drivers in the United States alone. The company insisting drivers must sign the new contract appears to be a very drastic move.

The consent will invariably open up multiple scenarios, but drivers are concerned about privacy invasion. Amazon assures it will use biometric data to improve driver safety and reliability.

However, the cameras are way more advanced. The cameras are reportedly capable of recognizing even simple yawns.

It is important to note that Amazon doesn’t directly employ its delivery drives in the United States. Instead, the eCommerce giant works with “delivery service partners”.

These partners work out of delivery depots, and they, in turn, work with drivers. While the drivers do not work directly for the eCommerce company, Amazon often dictates many aspects of a driver’s working conditions, including what goes in the driver’s cars.

It is not clear how the majority of Amazon delivery drivers will respond. However, reports indicate a few have resigned, apparently citing privacy concerns.

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