Apple AirPower is not dead: Even long-range wireless charging under development for iPhone, AirPods and Apple Watch?

Apple AirPower Long Range Wireless Charging
AirPower resurrection? Pic credit: Apple

Apple AirPower is not dead. On the contrary, Apple Inc. could be developing a better solution to wirelessly charge a multitude of Apple-branded devices, claims a new report.

The dream of plopping an Apple-branded smartphone, smartwatch, or wireless earbuds, on a recharging mat isn’t abandoned. New reports strongly suggest Apple Inc. is aggressively pursuing wireless charging, and even trying technologies that offer a longer range such as Xiaomi’s offering.

Apple AirPower might arrive as a completely different and rebranded wireless charging mat:

AirPower was undoubtedly one of the most eagerly awaited products. But the well-hyped wireless charging pad never launched due to multiple issues, which Apple Inc. never officially acknowledged.

Although AirPower hasn’t arrived, Apple Inc. has not given up on its plans after all, as rumors claim it is still exploring an AirPower-like wireless charger. Additionally, the company could be exploring a long-range wireless charging solution.

The Apple AirPower had nearly reached marketing before the company decided to halt further development, and a commercial launch. Although Apple will never openly acknowledge, Apple engineers were reportedly not able to solve multiple bugs within the device.

Specifically, there were several interferences problems and heating issues. As a safer and much more efficient alternative, Apple Inc. went with MagSafe technology. As an added bonus, MagSafe opened up yet another premium accessory market for Apple.

How will the new Apple AirPower alternative work?

Apple AirPower was quite rudimentary in operation. At its core, the wireless charger relied on Qi wireless charging standard. It is not clear why Apple couldn’t manage to address any technical issues, especially when there is a wide range of premium wireless chargers with Fast Charging technology built in.

Apple hasn’t officially confirmed it is working on any AirPower alternative. In other words, Apple might not even launch a wireless charger, especially when MagSafe is working well for iPhones.

What’s interesting, however, is that Apple could be exploring the next evolutionary leap in wireless charging. Xiaomi has already teased a wireless charger that beams electricity, called Mi Air Charge. Other companies such as Motorola have already indicated they are actively exploring the technology.

Long-range wireless charging obviously goes way beyond iPhones, AirPods, and Apple Watch. A powerful solution could recharge MacBook and Mac PCs. However, if Apple Inc. had issues that prevented the commercial launch of AirPower, an Apple-branded long-range wireless charging would surely be a distant dream.

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