Apple iPhone MagSafe battery pack under active trails: Only heating issue holding back sleek power-bank for iOS smartphones?

Apple iPhone MagSafe Battery Pack
Apple MagSafe Battery Pack facing heating issues? Pic credit: Apple

Apple Inc. is actively testing an iPhone MagSafe battery pack, claims a new report. The rear-mounted power-bank for an iOS mobile phone would easily be one of the most coveted accessories but Apple is apparently facing certain “technical challenges”.

Apple didn’t release all the accessories for the MagSafe feature the company reintroduced with the iPhone 12. Apparently, there are a few engineering and software troubles that are preventing the extended battery for iPhone 12 from a commercial release.

What is the Apple iPhone MagSafe battery pack?

All new Apple iPhone devices have the newly reintroduced MagSafe connectors that they can use for charging and pairing other accessories like cases and wallets. Hence, it only makes sense that Apple Inc. will design first-party or “Made by Apple” accessories for iOS smartphones.

Reports indicate Apple has been developing the attachment for at least a year. The company even planned to synchronize the commercial launch of the MagSafe power-bank with the iPhone 12 launch.

As expected, the battery pack would latch onto the MagSafe system, and deliver a charge to the connected iPhone 12. It is not clear if the MagSafe power-bank has a “passthrough” system that will power the other accessories.

However, reports indicate some prototypes of the battery pack have a white rubber exterior. Despite having a protective exterior, the power-bank wouldn’t offer any protection to the iPhone.

Apparently, the prototypes are merely power delivery systems and do not come with a protective case. This might seem counterproductive, but Apple’s design choices do not make sense sometimes.

What’s preventing Apple from launching the MagSafe power-bank?

Reports indicate Apple has managed to get the aesthetics and latching system correct. In other words, there’s ample magnetic power to hold on to the back of an iPhone 12 with MagSafe.

However, the development of the MagSafe battery pack slowed down owing to some software and engineering challenges. Apparently, iPhone erroneously indicates that the pack is overheating.

Apple is also working to address issues related to a customer switching between using the device on an iPhone sometimes with and without a case. While many iPhone users slap on a case, others use it bare. This poses a challenge to the charging mechanism.

Apple can address such petty technical challenges. However, the company is overly cautious when it comes to charging and power delivery accessories.

The Apple AirPower wireless charging mat is one such victim of Apple’s policies. The product worked as desired, but Apple still scrapped it due to issues related to overheating.

The future of the MagSafe battery pack is uncertain. But Apple has several plans for the MagSafe connection system. The company could embed the power delivery system in upcoming MacBook Pro and MacBook Air laptops.

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