Apple officially introduces ‘Battery Recalibration Tool’ and promises free replacement but limits software to older iPhone models

Apple iPhone Battery Recalibration Tool
Apple iPhone 11 owners will soon have a legitimate tool to check if their phone’s battery is OK. Pic credit: Nicky Pung/Pixabay

Apple has officially introduced a Battery Recalibration Tool inside iOS 14.5 Beta 6. However, the software will be available only for older models of the iPhone.

Apple Inc. is actively testing iOS 14.5, the next major update for iPhones. After releasing the version 6 of the beta OS, the company added a small but important feature, using which, iPhone owners can recalibrate their mobile device’s internal battery.

iPhone Battery Recalibration Tool available only for iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max:

As noted in an official support document, the update will recalibrate the maximum battery capacity and peak performance capacity. The software promises to address inaccurate estimates of battery health reporting.

The Battery Recalibration Tool will be available only to iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max models. In other words, iPhone 12 owners will not have access to the same.

Despite the limited availability of the tool, it is the iPhone 11 owners who are more likely to face weird battery issues. Some users have indicated unexpected battery drain behavior, which mostly includes reduced peak performance capability.

Apple strongly maintains the inaccurate battery health reporting does not reflect an issue with actual battery health. Simply put, even if iOS inaccurately reports battery percentage, Apple claims the battery should be fine.

Despite Apple Inc.’s assurance, the Battery Recalibration Tool might fail for some iPhone 11 owners. If the tool fails, the company assures it will replace the batteries inside the iPhones, “to restore full performance and capacity.”

It is not clear if the iOS Battery Recalibration Tool will remain available after affected iPhone 11 owners get their batteries replaced. Incidentally, the tool will offer a code that the iOS will record.

In case the tool reports a code that represents a problem with the battery, it will inform the iPhone owner to take their device to the near Authorized Service Provider.

How will the iOS Battery Tool work on iPhone 11 models?

Apple Inc. claims that the battery recalibration will occur during regular charge cycles. Apple iPhone 11 owners who receive the tool need not specifically activate the same.

Usually, any calibration or recalibration tool observes the charge and discharge cycles and estimates the capacity of the battery. The software then compares this measurement with the rated capacity and offers an estimate.

Apple Inc. has indicated the iOS Battery Recalibration Tool should take a few weeks to complete its assessment. Once the tool has done its job, it should accumulate accurate battery health details and maximum available capacity.

The updated details about the battery should reflect in the Settings app of the iPhone. Only if the recalibration tool has found any problem, it will flash a notification asking users to visit a nearby Authorized Service Provider.

Apple iPhone’s settings pertaining to battery offer an average estimation of health. More specifically, the setting indicates how much charge-holding capacity the battery has lost, in percentage.

With the iOS Battery Recalibration Tool, iPhone 11 owners, who are experiencing rapid battery capacity loss, should soon have a legitimate excuse to seek free battery replacement.

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