Easily install Chromium OS on any old laptop or PC: Google will use CloudReady from Neverware into Chrome OS installer

Chromium OS CloudReady Neverware
Install Chrome OS on any old laptop or PC with CloudReady. Pic credit: TechnologyGuide TestLab/Flickr

Installing Chromium OS will become a lot easier on older computers and laptops that cannot upgrade to Windows 11 or reliably run some Linux distros. Google has begun incorporating CloudReady from Neverware into the Chrome OS installer.

A Chromebook or Chromebox comes pre-installed with Chromium OS. However, PC and laptop users can experiment with the operating system on their devices. The process of installing Chromium OS on any new or old laptop/computer is about to become a lot simpler.

Installing Chromium OS is not a straightforward process:

The Chromium OS is quite simple, lightweight, and yet it is powerful and feature-packed. However, installing the same on any hardware that is not a Chromebook or Chromebox is quite difficult. In fact, it is more complex than installing Windows or Linux.

Whenever a PC user attempts to boot up the OS installer from a flash drive, it acts like a brand-new Chromebook ready to be set up for initial use, every single time. Even Google’s own developer documentation doesn’t offer much help.

However, the most disheartening aspect is that the installer, and post setup, needs a Command-Line program. Needless to mention, it is a rather complicated process, and it is certainly not a user-friendly experience.

Understanding the difficulty and quite possibly wanting to increase Chromium OS userbase, Google is now incorporating CloudReady from Neverware into the operating system’s installer.

The search giant recently acquired Neverware for its popular and commercially supported Chromium OS fork named CloudReady. It is amply clear that Google intends to create a free operating system that PC and laptop users can install with ease.

Strangely, CloudReady will not work on Chromebook or Chromebox. However, there are several old computers that need a modern-day operating system.

These devices are still capable and have a lot of service life. However, Apple Inc. and even Microsoft have begun to limit the compatibility of these computers.

How to install Chromium OS fork, CloudReady, on any laptop or PC?

CloudReady offers a polished experience on top of the base Chromium OS. The now acquired company even provided enterprise support for those who need it.

The Chromium OS fork has some much-needed features such as a graphical installer via the “Install OS” icon in the system tray. Now Google is finally merging it upstream into Chromium OS proper.

The recent commit adds a more streamlined installation along with an icon that features a cloud with a download symbol in the middle. It is clear that Google is actively porting over CloudReady’s code into Chromium OS.

CloudReady’s stable update channel is on Chromium OS 89. Meanwhile, the Chromium OS is already on v92. With the acquisition of the company and integration of code within the parent OS, it is quite likely that any old laptop or PC user will be able to install the OS on the device with a simple GUI installer.

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