Edge web browser to get MS Office context menu: Microsoft also pushing adverts and alerts for its own apps and services

Microsoft Edge Ads Promotional Messages MS Office Right-Click Context Menu Integration
Ads and MS Office Context Menu in a browser. Pic credit: marcyscreed2013/Flickr

Microsoft Edge web browser is gradually receiving context menu integrations for MS Office online version. Additionally, Microsoft has started to aggressively push advertisements within the Chromium-based web browser.

Right after surpassing Mozilla Firefox for the number two spot, Microsoft has changed gears and tactics. The company is now testing ways to promote its products and services within the Edge web browser.

Microsoft testing ‘New Office Tab’ and Ads within Edge web browser:

There’s little doubt that Microsoft is heavily invested in the Edge browser. Ever since the company ditched its own proprietary engine for Google’s Chromium, Edge has recovered multiple features.

Microsoft Edge and Mozilla have been fighting for market share. Google Chrome is the current market leader, but Edge recently took over Firefox.

Edge is lightweight and offers better performance/features, especially for the general public. However, Microsoft has now started to experiment with advertisements and promotion of its own services within the web browser.

Microsoft is now reportedly testing Office integration to “help users” access Microsoft 365 apps directly from the Edge menu. Microsoft Edge’s right-click menu or context menu for the browser’s tabs will include a new option called “New Office Tab”.

The new context menu (right-click on any Tab) option will allow users to open Microsoft Office online apps like Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. Incidentally, Microsoft isn’t limiting the new Office integration to Microsoft 365 subscribers.

Users will be able to access the same with a normal Microsoft account as well. The concerning aspect of the new feature is that users cannot switch off the same.

Microsoft now pushing ads and promotional messages about its own services within the browser:

In addition to Office integration, Microsoft has suddenly started to insert advertisements or recommendations within Microsoft Edge. Some Windows 10 and Windows 11 OS users who have recently updated the browser are reportedly seeing more alerts and ads for services.

Some of the most common promotional messages seem to be about Microsoft Start. The company recently rebranded MSN Feed to Microsoft Start. The feature resides in the Taskbar and offers quick information about weather, stocks, latest news, etc.

If that’s not enough, Microsoft seems to be using the browser’s new “Assistance from Microsoft Edge” feature to collect results from searches. The company clearly states it will be using the searches of users to improve its own Bing Search:

“Help us make search better for you. Microsoft will collect results from searches that you perform in the browser to improve Microsoft products and services. This data is never associated with you or your device.”

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