Facebook tearing out Voice and Video Calling from its Messenger and stitching it back with the social media platform

Facebook Messenger App Platform Service Voice Video Calling
Voice and Video Calling come back to the main app. Pic credit: Christoph Scholz/Flickr

Facebook Messenger is going through a weird transition. The social media giant once let the Messenger service soar on its own. But the company is now clipping the platform’s Voice and Video calling wings.

Social media giant once allowed its Messenger service to have its own app. Seven years later, Facebook is taking away two of the core functionalities of the app and integrating them back into itself.

Facebook limiting functions of Messenger after letting it be a separate app for 7 years:

Social media giant Facebook strongly believed in the Messenger platform. Hence, the company spun out the service, and it received its own app.

Back in 2014, Messenger became an independent platform and is successfully working on millions of smartphones, iOS, and Android.

Now Facebook is offering some of the app’s main functions onto its own platform. The social media giant is letting a select few Facebook app users make voice and video calls from the main app.

Needless to mention, the Messenger app has the exact same functionality. In other words, to make video and voice calls on Facebook, users had to previously exit the main app and move to the “other” app.

Facebook has started experimenting with the change in the United States of America. The social media platform claims the change will eliminate the need to switch between the Facebook app and Messenger in order to use the voice and video calling feature.

Strangely, a report also claims Facebook is planning to add a limited version of Messenger to the main Facebook app. Simply put, Facebook could be deprecating the Messenger platform by slowly offering the exact same functions in the main app.

Facebook considers Messenger as a ‘Service’ rather than a ‘Standalone App’:

Facebook director of Product Management at Messenger has confirmed the developments. He added that Facebook will consider Messenger as a service now rather than a standalone app.

“Messenger is the connective tissue for people to be together when apart, regardless of which service they’re choosing to use. You’re going to start to see quite a bit more of this over time,” mentioned Connor Hayes, clearly hinting Facebook could gradually continue adding Messenger’s functions and services to the main Facebook app.

The Messenger platform not only has its own separate app but also has a website interface. Simply put, the app had been steadily turning into an independent platform.

It is quite likely that Facebook may have started considering Messenger as a rival rather than a subsidiary. Hence, it is now offering its functions to reduce the platform’s independence, influence, and eventually, usage and members.

Incidentally, Facebook could be trying to become a one-stop for all the platforms, services, and products the company has acquired over the years. WhatsApp, Portal, and Oculus, all offer voice and video calls. It is quite likely that Facebook could eventually remove these functions from all of its owned platforms, and make their users use the main Facebook app.

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