Gmail now comes “under” Google Workspace: Free email account now part of a simple G-Suite

Google Workspace Gmail Rebranding
Gmail is now part of Google Workspace. Pic credit: brionv/Flickr/CC BY-SA 2.0

Google Workspace, not Gmail, is now clearly at the center of the search giant’s free email service. In other words, Gmail is no longer the core service that connects to other features, platforms, services, and productivity apps that Google offers.

Google recently started offering its “comprehensive” productivity platform Google Workspace for free to every person that has a Gmail account. Simply put, the search giant has begun offering an integrated Gmail experience with Chat and Rooms.

Gmail webpage undergoes rebranding:

There’s a subtle but clear indication that Google is now considering Gmail to be a part of the Google Workspace ecosystem. This means Gmail is no longer the main component that greets Internet users when they wish to become a part of Google’s ecosystem.

Simply put, the Google Workspace branding has taken over the Gmail web client. Until recently, when users loaded Gmail inside a web browser, they saw the service’s animated logo.

While the animated logo denoting a closed envelop (or the alphabet ‘M’) still exists, the splash screen now shows the Google Workspace wording beneath. Google has kept its name in Bold letters, while Workspace is in the thinner Google Sans font.

Incidentally, the Gmail client for Android and iOS does not seem to have undergone the rebranding exercise. However, a quick update could see Google slapping the Google Workspace brand on the mobile apps as well.

Google Workspace is now at the head of Gmail Web Client:

Google recently made some sweeping changes to its product portfolio. The company has offered some products to all its Gmail account holders. Even Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) now have an affordable subscription that offers some premium Google services.

It is important to note that Gmail is still free. Moreover, Google Workspace is also free to all Gmail account holders. The suite essentially contains access to other popular services such as Chats, Rooms, Meet, and Docs.

It is amply clear that Google is encouraging Gmail users to think beyond email while using the versatile and powerful platform. The search giant could be attempting to boost revenue by urging people to start using the company’s suite of productivity apps.

Under the redesign, Gmail users will have seamless access to Spaces. Hence, ordinary or non-professional users can use a single webpage to work on shared documents using Docs, have a Chat feed appear on the left, and approach contacts to use Meet for calling.

Gmail’s rebranding as Google Workspace could be confusing to some users because the search giant also offers a paid Google suite called Workspace Individual. The paid or premium Gmail, which lets companies use their own domain names as suffixes, is also called Google Workspace. It is important to note that some Google Workspace services are free for all email accounts.

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