Google Chrome User Profile switching becomes easier with prominent visual customization and suggestions

Google Chrome User Profile
Google Chrome User Profile tool overhauled with customization tools. Pic credit: Simon/Pixabay

Google Chrome user profile switching tool is getting a much-needed visual revamp aimed at households that jointly use the browser on a single PC. The browser will now offer easier methods to switch profiles, and even suggest creating one “when you might benefit.”

Google is simplifying the process of creating separate user-profiles in the Chrome web browser. The company is introducing the new profile creation and switching tool only for PC users. It is not clear if or when Android and iOS smartphone users will get them.

Swapping users profiles in Google Chrome becomes simpler:

Google is making it easier to swap between user profiles in a new Chrome update. The latest update for Google Chrome, which includes the new feature, is rolling out today.

Several households use the same computer, and oftentimes, the same Google Chrome web browser. Needless to add, users often have a hard time remembering to switch profiles.

Google Chrome User Profile
Pic credit: Google

Using others’ Google Chrome profiles can easily mess with the browser’s customization, passwords, saved websites, etc. Google is clearly aware of the confusion that Chrome users face.

The new Google Chrome update makes user profiles much easier to distinguish. This allows users to customize their profiles to a much greater degree than before, explained Google in a detailed blog post.

Here’s how the new Google Chrome User Profile Switching Tool can help customize user profiles:

After updating Google Chrome with the latest stable release, users can set their own backgrounds, color schemes, and profile images.

Needless to add, this makes it a lot easier to distinguish which profile belongs to whom. More importantly, the new tool alerts users with visual cues.

Interestingly, the new user profile tool for Google Chrome also helps keep work and personal profiles separate. This is especially helpful for users who rely on the same PC for both use cases.

Google Chrome User Profile
Pic credit: Google

The new tool will not only allow the creation and customization of user-profiles, but it also has a “profile picker”. The Profile Picker prompt will appear each time users restart Chrome. It will prompt users to select a user or browse as a guest.

Chrome will also prompt you to switch profiles or create a new one “when you might benefit.” It is not clear how, but it is quite likely that Google could look at the websites and search queries to make the suggestion.

Besides the new user profile tool, the Google Chrome update also includes an expansion to Chrome’s Reading List feature. Users can save articles to read later in the Android and desktop versions of Chrome as well. Previously this useful feature was limited to Chrome for iOS.

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