Google looking beyond advertising: Monthly subscription to Google Workspace Individual brings some premium features to free Gmail accounts

Google Workspace Individual
Google offering multiple products at attractive prices. Pic credit: Robert Scoble/Flickr/CC BY 2.0

Google is looking to expand its revenue streams beyond targeted advertising. The company has begun to offer a unique Google Workspace Individual subscription package to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). Additionally, the entire Gmail userbase now has access to the Workspace suite of apps and services.

Google has announced a few important changes to its Workspace suite of apps and services. The search giant is offering small businesses a capable suite of online services at attractive price. The only requirement is that they run their business communication on Gmail. Additionally, anyone with a Gmail account will have the option to switch over to Google’s more modern system for Gmail, Docs, and Chat.

SMEs get multiple paid services from Google with Google Workspace Individual subscription:

The Google Workspace Individual costs $9.99 permonth, but Google is offering the same at a $2 discount for a limited period of time. Simply put, for $7.99 per month, SMEs gain access to appointment booking or calendaring, newsletter production, video chat, and other tools.

Workspace Individual will launch soon in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Australia, and Japan. The inspiration for the new revenue model came from the sheer number of small businesses that rely on Gmail for their business communications, revealed Javier Soltero, Vice President for Google Workspace.

He mentioned that his unit had been informally saving photos of business cards or work vehicles mentioning an “” address to “remind ourselves of the sheer number of people using our consumer products to run their businesses.”

Needless to mention, even small businesses need access to professional communication and marketing tools. However, the subscriptions for these services were on the higher side. With Google Workspace Individual, SMEs should be able to provide a more professional experience to clients, claimed Soltero.

Apart from SMEs, Google is also offering larger businesses new features in their subscriptions. For the first time, large businesses will be able to control the encryption of their files on Google Drive. Google claims even the search giant cannot decrypt or unlock such encrypted files.

Google’s more modern system for Gmail, Docs, and Chat available to all with a Gmail account:

Apart from SMEs, Google is offering its more modern system for Gmail, Docs, and Chat to every person with a Gmail account. Google is slowly assimilating all these features in a single tab for a seamless user experience.

Google has been pushing for an overhaul called the new “smart canvas”. The company is gradually interlinking its various apps via “smart chips.”

As part of the revamp, Google Chats, the successor to Google Hangouts is now open to every Gmail user. This includes access to direct messages and chat rooms. Google claims this is part of the “evolution of Rooms in Google Chat to Spaces.”

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