Google testing ‘Short Video Carousel’ that offers Instagram and TikTok videos in search results

Google Short Video Carousel
TikTok, Instagram, YouTube short-form video to play within Google Search. Pic credit: Simon Steinberger/Pixabay

Google has begun testing Short Video Carousel, a simple yet effective technique that offers ultra-short and short videos within search results. The new method is different from Google Stories that debuted in October, this year.

Google is reportedly testing a new mobile search feature. It pulls up TikTok and Instagram videos in their own dedicated carousel within search results. This is apparently the search giant’s technique to allow users quick access to the content. Moreover, the method ensures visitors to Google Search mobile app need not leave the platform.

Google Short Video Carousel is a web version of TikTok and Instagram and other popular platforms within search results:

Google’s Short Video Carousel clearly expands on the pilot program it launched earlier this year. The search company had first introduced a carousel of “Short Videos” within Google Discover.

It was a format for personalized feed found in the Google mobile app. Several Android smartphone users experienced the new feature which was visible to the left of the home screen.

Google Short Video Carousel appears very similar to the Google Stories feature that arrived in October this year. Google Stories too offered short-form video content. The previously launched iteration was initially purely for Google’s online publishing partners like Forbes, USA Today, Vice, Now This, Bustle, Thrillist, but is now also available to other publishers.

Meanwhile, Google’s new Short Video carousel is an aggregating engine for social video from other platforms such as TikTok and Instagram. Incidentally, the carousel will also include Google’s own short-form video project Tangi, and Indian TikTok competitor Trell.

Google could also be using the feature to promote YouTube. The world’s largest video content platform has started to experiment with short-form video content. Hence, it would obviously need a boost to gain video creators, audience, and overall traction to beat its competitors.

How will Google Short Video Carousel work?

The Google Short Video Carousel is still experimental in nature. In other words, the platform is in beta testing, and hence, limited to a few users. However, its functioning is very simple.

When a visitor to Google Search enters a search query, a relevant Short Video Carousel will appear, reportedly after the Google Knowledge Base box. The platform currently pulls only Instagram and TikTok videos, but the list should grow quickly.

When an interested viewer clicks on a short video in the carousel, the Short Video Carousel will direct them to a web version of its native platform. In other words, rather than leaving Google Search mobile app, and entering the corresponding native mobile app for the video, users will be shown the video directly within the search page itself.

Simply put, Google will hold the viewer within the confines of its search platform, even if the users have the relevant app installed on their smartphone. This will certainly boost the chances of the user merely hitting the Back button and return to Google Search. Google is clearly hoping the feature will ensure users fall into an endless loop of searching, scrolling, viewing, and returning back for more.

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