Google TV with ‘Kids Profile’ arriving soon: Feature allows limiting content type, screen time through Google Play Family Library

Google TV Kids Profile
Parents can set time, app, and content limits with Kids Profile. Pic credit: Victoria Borodinova/Pixabay

Google has confirmed that it is adding Kids Profile to Google TV. As the name suggests, the feature will allow parents to set up specific limits around apps, content type, screen time, and other aspects.

Google TV is getting a very important feature. The platform currently does not offer support for multiple profiles. This will change soon with Kids Profile.

Google TV to get profile creation that allows catering content on the TV based on individual preferences:

Google TV will soon offer to create specific user profiles that tailor multiple aspects based on the age of the viewer. Basically, parents will now be able to control the type of content that their underage kids can access as well as set the time limits.

The Kids Profile feature allows users to create separate profiles for children. Parents can easily do so by either adding their Google accounts that are managed by Family link or by creating a profile just with the child’s name and age.

Parents can then pick the apps that the Kids Profile will offer. Needless to mention, these apps will offer kids-friendly suggestions that the kids can choose to watch. Users can also share purchased TV shows and content with the kids’ profiles through Google Play Family Library.

Parents can also limit screen time by enforcing daily watch limits and bedtime schedules. Additionally, for those profiles connected via Family Link, users can monitor screen time across devices and apply screen limits accordingly.

Parents can also block access to certain types of content or apps. There’s an obvious provision that will prevent kids from easily switching profiles. Users can prevent their children from switching to their parents’ profiles by locking them using PINs.

Google to roll out the restricting feature in the US followed by other regions:

It is quite obvious that several kids might not appreciate the restrictions and limitations that parents can now easily enforce on them. Hence, Google is attempting to soften the blow by offering kid-friendly themes such as “Under the sea,” “Dinosaur jungle” or “Space travel.”

The search giant, and maker of the Android operating system, has added that it will introduce new avatars for kids to choose from as their profile picture.

Google TV Kids Profile
Pic credit: Google

The Kids Profile feature for Google TV will roll out first to Chromecast with Google TV and other Google TV devices. Google has indicated that the US-based users of Google TV systems will receive the feature first.

The feature will make it to more devices globally “over the next few months”. Incidentally, Google has indicated that is planning on “finding more and more ways to make Google TV work for the whole family”. The statement seems to suggest that Google might just add support for multiple adult profiles in the near future.

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