How to turn on Dark Mode in Snapchat: Multimedia messaging platform has revamped ‘App Appearance’ for some users

Snapchat Dark Mode iOS Android
Go Dark in Snapchat. Pic credit: Souvik Banerjee/Pixabay

Snapchat has been revamping the visuals and aesthetics of its apps for iOS and Android. The multimedia messaging app has launched a Dark Mode feature. However, not all Snapchat users have access to the same, yet.

Snapchat now has a Dark Mode. In fact, following multiple apps, Snapchat too offers to control the appearance of the app based on the theme, system setting, or individual preferences.

How to turn on Snapchat Dark Mode:

Switching on Dark Mode in Snapchat is pretty straightforward. The arrival of the feature, is, however, news.

The Dark Mode resides inside the revamped ‘App Appearance’ feature. The feature is available in the latest version of Snapchat.

To switch on Dark Mode, tap on the avatar profile icon in the top left corner of the screen of the app. Then tap on settings, which is the little gear symbol in the top right corner.

Scroll down and tap on “App appearance”. Users can then choose between three options: Match System, Always Light, and Always Dark.

The “Always Dark” option will set the app to Dark Mode. This means Snapchat will always have a dark appearance.

The “Always Light” mode will retain the app’s light appearance. And the “Match System” setting will ensure Snapchat matches the phone’s theme settings. If the theme or light option set is light, Snapchat will appear light or if it is dark, then the app will have Dark Mode switched on automatically.

Snapchat Dark Mode is not available to all users, yet:

For reasons yet unknown, Snapchat has restricted the availability of Dark Mode. The platform is releasing the feature very gradually.

The multimedia messaging app had confirmed it was testing the feature with a “very small percentage”. Moreover, the platform initially restricted the feature to Apple iPhone devices running iOS. In other words, the Android app for Snapchat doesn’t have the feature, yet.

The arrival of Dark Mode was a surprise to many users of the multimedia messaging app. Quite a few users posted their app suddenly turned dark. The truth was Snapchat had rolled out the feature, seemingly randomly, overnight.

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