Instagram now has half a billion users

The new Instagram logo, which was changed last month
The new Instagram logo, which was changed last month

Instagram now has more than half a billion users worldwide, the social network has announced.

What’s also remarkably impressive is that more than 300 million of them use the app every day.

And it has a truly global reach (although obviously it’s banned in China) with eight in ten of its users living outside of the USA.

Instagram is proving a successful investment for Facebook, who bought it for around $1billion in 2012.

And while other social sites like Twitter have struggled with growth, Instagram has continued a rapid rise.

The site has seen huge success after becoming one of the main platforms used by celebrities to promote themselves as brands.

It is also used a creative outlet by many and has managed to remain “cool” even among younger generations.

There had been fears that it could lose its way after being bought by Facebook amid pressures to make the site make money by selling adverts.

Last month Instagram hit the headlines after changing its logo.

Author’s opinion:

I really like Instagram. I only got into using it recently, so am one of the people that has helped it grow to reach the 500 million mark.

I love the high quality of photographs — people obviously really care about what they are putting up there and put a lot of effort into what they’re creating.

I also like the fact that it seems like it’s generally just got a really positive vibe about it.

You post a picture, add some hashtags and someone you’ve never met from half way round the world comments to say “that looks awesome”.

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