Instagram reorients itself for business and content creators with an Affiliate Program, Keyword Muting in DMs and other features

Instagram for business gets new features. Pic credit: Photo Mix/Pixabay

Instagram is steadily reorienting itself for business. The image-based social media platform has been adding some interesting features such as an affiliate marketing program, an option to mute specific keyboards in direct messages, and more.

Instagram recently started allowing people to invite up to 3 friends to go live with. This is clearly just the beginning of the platform’s transformation into a collaboration platform for profit. With the latest features, Instagram is strongly moving into YouTube’s arena where content creators monetize their content on the platform.

In-development Instagram features could make the platform a lot better for businesses and content creators:

Android developer and reverse engineer Alessandro Paluzzi recently shared screenshots that highlight the features Instagram is working on. The Tweets that Paluzzi sent out reveal Instagram’s ‘Affiliate Marketing’ Program. The feature, which could land on the platform’s mobile app soon, could let influencers better monetize their content on the platform.

The new Affiliate setting should be available in the Creator section of the Instagram app. Users will be able to sign up for it by following a few simple steps.

It is not clear how Instagram will roll out the feature. It is quite likely that the platform might restrict the availability of the ‘Affiliate Marketing’ program to a select few members, at least at the time of launch.

Apart from offering a way to quickly and easily monetize content, Instagram is reportedly working on the ‘Content controls’ section. The tweaks to the section could soon allow users to mute certain words directly.

The Privacy section of the Instagram app could get this feature soon. It should allow users to add keywords that they wish to mute. The platform could then block all direct messages that contain the said keywords.

Users can, of course, view these blocked messages. Moreover, users could have the option to choose whether they want to turn the feature on for everyone or specific accounts.

The image-sharing platform is also adding a few image enhancement and post-processing tricks to the app?

Apart from the business-oriented features, Instagram is also reportedly working on an image-enhancement feature called Brightness AI. This feature appears to be in the post-editing section.

It is not clear how the Brightness AI feature works, yet. However, as the name suggests, it seems the feature will help users adjust the brightness of the picture or the video they are posting.

Artificial Intelligence could analyze the darker aspects of the content and offer to brighten the areas before posting. This feature should be in addition to the conventional editing options such as Adjust level, Brightness, Contrast, Structure, etc.

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