Latest Parallels Desktop is the closest alternative to Boot Camp on Apple MacBook PCs running M1 SoC for running Windows 10 WoA Edition

Parallels Desktop for Macs
Newest 16.5 update for Parallels Desktop has support for Apple M1 Macs. Pic credit: StockSnap/Pixabay

Apple Inc. decided not to offer Boot Camp on the latest MacBook computers with the Apple M1 chipset. However, Windows 10 Operating System has a number of ways to run on the proprietary Apple Silicon. The latest version of Parallels Desktop extends it further.

Parallels Desktop for Mac now allows M1 Mac owners to run Windows 10 on ARM (WoA Edition) apps. Windows 10 OS and even Linux can run on the new Apple Inc. devices. However, the latest version of the software promises “impressive performance and battery improvement”.

The latest update for Parallels Desktop promises better Linux and Windows 10 support on Apple MacBook PCs with M1 chipset:

Apple’s decision to replace Intel CPUs with its own ARM-based M1 silicon has been a painless process. However, this is valid only if users stick to macOS and its apps. There are several MacBook loyalists who also use Windows 10 and x86 software.

One feature that Apple omitted was Boot Camp, a useful utility that allows users to install and use Windows on a Mac.

Incidentally, the new ARM-based Macs can run Windows 10, and quite well too. Perhaps Microsoft’s licensing policy is the only true roadblock standing between ARM Macs and Windows support.

The newest 16.5 update for Parallels Desktop has support for Apple M1 Macs. The latest version allows users to run not just Linux environments, but also the Insider Preview of Windows 10 on ARM.

Is Parallels Desktop for Mac offering a way to natively install and run Windows 10 ARM (WoA) Edition?

The latest version of Parallels Desktop for Mac allows Apple M1 MacBook variants to run Windows 10 on ARM. Moreover, users can install and run apps as well as traditional x86 apps side by side with Mac or iOS apps on Big Sur.

Parallels Desktop maker Corel claims the latest update results in some impressive performance and battery improvements, as compared to running the software on Intel-based Macs. According to Corel, the 16.5 update uses up to 250 percent less energy on an M1 Mac, compared to an Intel-based MacBook Air.

The company claims the new version offers 60 percent better DirectX 11 performance and up to 30 percent better overall Virtual Machine performance running the ARM version of Windows 10 on an M1 Mac instead of a Windows 10 VM on an Intel-based MacBook Pro.

The statement clarifies that Parallels Desktop does not offer native installation of Windows 10 ARM Edition. However, the platform does promise that M1 Mac users will be able to run Windows 10 at native speeds.

In addition to running WoA edition on Apple M1 Macs, Parallels Desktop v16 offers new features such as Coherence Mode. This new feature promises to run Windows programs on Apple MacBook PCs as if they were native macOS apps.

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