Microsoft cautiously releases Android App Support for Windows 11: Project Latte based on Astoria limited to Windows Insider Program participants

Android App Support for Windows 11 Insider Program Participants Testing
Android Apps through Amazon App Store via Microsoft Store. Pic credit: Microsoft

Microsoft is carefully testing Android App Support for Windows 11. The Operating System will depend on Project Latte, which is based on Project Astoria.

Windows 11 did not have Android App Support at its official rollout this month. However, Microsoft has now allowed some Windows Insider Program Participants access to the feature. This strongly indicates the first major Cumulative Feature Update could include this highly-anticipated feature.

Latest Windows 11 Beta Build for Insiders rolling out with experimental Android App Support:

Android App Support is by far the most ambitious feature for Microsoft after Linux integration with full GUI support. The company developed an entirely new compatibility layer to run Android Apps, just like it did to enable Linux App Support.

Microsoft confirmed Android Apps should work on all types of processors. In other words, x86-based Intel and AMD, and ARM64-based Qualcomm CPUs too should run Android Apps within Windows 11.

The Windows Subsystem for Android and Intel’s Bridge Technology are two of the critical components for Android App Support. The subsystem powers Amazon, mobile apps sideloading, and it also includes the relevant and necessary Linux kernel.

Microsoft has heavily relied on the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) version 11. It gets its own dedicated settings page in Windows 11.

The Settings page reportedly lets users adjust features like Screen Reader, subsystem resources, improve performance of the container, and more.

Similar to the Linux Subsystem (WSL), Android Subsystem runs in a Hyper-V Virtual Machine. It can understand the myriad APIs that Android Apps need. The subsystem can also adjust the experience of AOSP for the Windows graphic layer.

Microsoft Store to eventually host the entire Windows Subsystem for Android?

In the near future, Windows 11 users will be able to download Android components directly from the Microsoft Store. For now, interested users need to switch your beta channel in Windows 11.

It appears Microsoft is restricting the availability of Android App Support to the United States of America. To begin, check for updates in the Microsoft Store and ensure the Store itself is up-to-date.

Once all the components are updated, visit Amazon’s AppStore listing in the Microsoft Store and sign in with an Amazon US account. The virtual storefront inside Microsoft Store should start showing available Android apps.

It is important to note that Android App Support for Windows 11 is still experimental in nature. In other words, there could be quite a few apps that may not work. Some apps could also behave erratically. Microsoft has also hinted at some issues Android Apps may have while interfacing with wireless connectivity, camera, and other hardware components.

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