Microsoft Defender to take over Windows 11 Security App and offer holistic protection to all connected devices exchanging data, indicates leaked file teardown

Microsoft Defender Windows 11 Cross-Platform Security Hub Solution Android macOS
Cross-platform security hub for devices connected to a Windows 11 PC? Pic credit: Christiaan Colen/Flickr

Windows 10 and 11 have a unified Windows Security App. However, Microsoft could be attempting to offer a new, and comprehensive solution called Microsoft Defender.

The Microsoft Defender platform seems to extend way beyond offering protection to the Windows Operating System and PC. The Microsoft Store App teardown strongly suggests Microsoft is attempting to offer an umbrella security solution or hub to shield all devices connected to a Windows 11 PC.

Connected devices exchanging data continuously pose a new security threat that Windows Security App might not be able to handle?

Not so long ago, computers were devices that connected primarily to the internet, to company’s servers, and some rather dumb devices, such as printers.

Computers today, however, connect to a large number of “Smart” devices. Be it a smartphone, Smart Hub, Smart TV, or even Smart Home, a Windows PC could be connected to several devices simultaneously.

Needless to mention, the data exchange taking place between connected, synced, and authorized devices, and a Windows PC, is huge. This is a security concern.

Hackers could compromise the security of a single device, and potentially gain access to the entire ecosystem. By moving parallelly within the network, attackers could steal data, change settings, and drop malware.

Quite possibly understanding the security risks associated with various platforms, software, and devices interacting with a Windows 11 PC, Microsoft seems to be developing Microsoft Defender.

‘Microsoft Defender’ could succeed Windows Security App and act as a single hub for protecting connected and synced devices?

Windows 11/10 already comes with a Windows Security app. It allows PC users to view the status of the security service. Additionally, users can turn on/off security features like firewall settings and protection from unwanted programs.

“Microsoft Defender”, on the other hand, features a simple interface. It is reportedly based on WinUI and Fluent Design.

The platform could provide “seamless, personalized protection” for all connected accounts. In other words, Microsoft Defender preview could be a security dashboard for devices that are connected and synced with a Windows 11 PC.

The official store description and materials within the “.msixbundle” of the app indicate Microsoft is not limiting the security solution to Windows 11. There are references to Android phones, iPhone, and Mac.

Simply put, Microsoft Defender could let users view the status of connected operating systems including iOS/macOS and Android. Additionally, the platform could dynamically keep a watch on potential threats lurking in emails, files, documents, attachments, and web links.

It is important to note that the information is based on a leaked Microsoft Defender app. Microsoft has not officially offered any information about the same.

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