Microsoft Edge browser to get Travel Recommendations and Shopping button while Mozilla Firefox to push its own VPN if Public Wi-Fi is detected

Mozilla Firefox VPN Microsoft Edge Traveling and Shopping Recommendations
The browsers are now offering and promoting services. Pic credit: lo Picoita Bermeo/Flickr

The browser wars between Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox are gradually intensifying. However, both the popular Internet web browsers are taking a different route.

Microsoft Edge already has had a shopping button on the toolbar. Moving ahead, the browser will also show “travel recommendations”. Meanwhile, Mozilla Firefox will prompt its users to avail Mozilla VPN if the browser detects public Wi-Fi.

Microsoft Edge has Shopping as well as Travel Recommendations, but users can turn these buttons off:

Microsoft Edge already comes with Shopping features preactivated. The feature suggests discount or savings coupons if the browser detects a matching online shopping website.

Moving ahead, the same technique could be applicable for travel websites. The “Travel Recommendations” could have its own button or the browser might dynamically alter the function of the Shopping button depending on the website.

Incidentally, Microsoft does offer a simple way to switch the Shopping Button on or off. Simply click on the Microsoft Edge Menu icon > Settings > Appearance, and toggle the “Edge Shopping button” setting.

Users who might not want Microsoft Edge to offer recommendations for hotels and more from the web can turn the same off in a very similar manner.

Click on the Menu icon > Settings > Privacy, search, and Services. Scroll down to Services, and toggle “Show travel recommendations in Microsoft Edge”.

Firefox will promote Mozilla VPN if the web browser detects the user’s device is connected to a public Wi-Fi access point:

Mozilla could start promoting its own Mozilla VPN (Virtual Private Network) through the Firefox browser. The promotion could pop up if the browser detects the device is connected to a public Wi-Fi access point.

Incidentally, Mozilla actively promotes its VPN. Currently, if a user activates Firefox Private browsing mode, Mozilla suggests subscribing to its VPN service.

Moving ahead, Mozilla could aggressively promote its Mozilla VPN service. It is quite likely the non-profit company might not be getting the desired subscribers through search engines, and ads placed elsewhere on the Internet.

Firefox Mozilla VPN promo Public Wi-Fi users
Pic credit: Techdows

Mozilla is reportedly testing a new dialogue that could pop up while using public Wi-Fi. The dialogue box reads:

“Looks like you’re using Public Wi-Fi

To hide your location and browsing activity, consider a Virtual Private Network. It will help keep you protected when browsing in public spaces like airports and coffee shops.

Stay private with Mozilla VPN

Cybersecurity experts often suggest using a reliable VPN service to further bolster security and ensure an additional layer of protection. Mozilla VPN does claim to offer the following benefits at a competitive subscription rate:

  • Security, reliability, and speed anywhere
  • Each subscription allows to connect up to 5 devices
  • 40 + servers in 30 countries
  • Comes with device-level encryption
  • Neither log your network activity nor impose any bandwidth restrictions
  • Protects your private information by using WireGuard protocol to encrypt network traffic.
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