Microsoft Edge desktop-grade app appears on Windows 11 Store, but it would be unwise to download and install the native web browser

Microsoft Edge Windows 11 Store App
Microsoft Corporation II? Pic credit: Mike Mozart/Flickr

Microsoft Edge web browser is a lot different than Internet Explorer but both are native web browsers for the Windows operating system. Now, the new Chromium-based browser has appeared on the redesigned Windows 11 Store, but it might not be safe.

Microsoft has built an entirely new app store for its soon-to-launch Windows 11 OS. And, a new landing page for the Microsoft Edge browser has just appeared on the same. Although it seems legitimate, some experts are advising against downloading and installing the browser from the listing.

Edge browser for Windows 11 downloads and installs correctly from Microsoft Store:

The Windows 11 Store is quite different compared to the Microsoft Store for Windows 10. The app store is versatile, fast, and will offer apps for Windows, Android, and perhaps even Linux.

Last month, Microsoft confirmed that Windows 11 Store will not only host PWA (Progressive Web App), and UWP (Universal Windows Platform) apps but also desktop-grade applications.

Some of the notable desktop-grade apps include Adobe Creative Cloud, Adobe PDF Reader, TikTok, Disney+, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Visual Studio, Paint, and Notepad.

Now Microsoft Edge web browser, built on the new Chromium base, has appeared on the Microsoft Store. Technically, it should be a desktop-grade application, which will support PWA and UWP.

Reports indicate the application downloads and install correctly. In other words, it seems to be a real Win32 app. The installation is identical to the one any Windows OS user will get if he downloads an .EXE executable setup from Microsoft.

Chromium-based browser for Windows 11 is available in Microsoft Store but the publisher raises questions

The app from Microsoft Store has a separate installation progress window in addition to one present within the Microsoft Store. The only weird aspect about the app listing is that the publisher is “Microsoft Corporation II”.

Back when Microsoft officially announced Windows 11, the company noted that its new Microsoft Store would soon host “leading first and third-party apps”. However, the company hasn’t officially confirmed listing the new Edge browser.

Simply put, owing to the name, it is not clear if Microsoft is indeed the publisher for the web browser. Moreover, Microsoft Edge comes preinstalled within Windows 10 and Windows 11.

Presently, users will have to “trust” the app listing is officially from Microsoft. However, there have been several such fake app listings that led unsuspecting users to download malware-laden apps.

Simply put, some experts stress not to rush and download the Microsoft Edge web browser from the Windows 11 Store. Moreover, as the web browser is already comes preinstalled, there’s no pressing need as well.

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