Microsoft Edge for iOS and Android catching up to browser’s Windows 10 and macOS versions

Microsoft Edge Browser iOS Android macOS Windows 10
Microsoft’s browser to get the same features across operating systems. Pic credit: Kevin Phillips/Pixabay

Microsoft Edge receives regular updates for the Windows 10 and macOS operating systems. Now the Chromium-based web browser’s iOS and Android versions too will reportedly receive the same treatment.

Edge browser for Windows 10 and macOS has been receiving multiple features at regular intervals. The mobile version of Edge, however, is outdated, but not for long. Now Microsoft has indicated it is addressing the situation.

Microsoft relaunches TestFlight program after unifying codebase for its browser:

Microsoft recently confirmed that it is unifying the codebase for the new Chromium-based Edge web browser. This means Edge browser will be using the same codebase across all supported platforms.

As a direct result, Microsoft is confident of bringing parity between desktop and mobile apps. To ensure the same happens, the company has relaunched the TestFlight program.

Incidentally, the TestFlight program is not new. However, in the near future, several more eager users could get a chance to become Microsoft Edge Insiders.

Microsoft is now tightening the rules and behavioral expectations from Edge Insiders. Simply put, members of the Edge Insiders program should make sure they have the latest version installed. Moreover, members must launch the browser a few times each month.

Simply put, Microsoft might remove TestFlight participants if they do not actively test beta builds on iOS.

Microsoft Edge for iOS and Android to receive updates and features at par Windows 10 and macOS variants:

Microsoft has started testing a new Edge Canary update based on Chromium 91. This particular build will run on Android as well as iOS.

Edge for Android has all the experimental features available in Google Chrome. However, it does not have support for the reading list feature. Microsoft had introduced the feature late last month.

Needless to mention, version 90 and v91 of Edge Canary on Android promises to offer better performance and features parity with the desktop than the current (regular) Edge. Some of the notable features include a new menu layout, customizable homepage layout, and switch to focused or inspirational mode.

Incidentally, Apple iPhone users will have to wait a little longer. Microsoft is still testing the updated Edge experience for iOS.

Android smartphone users, however, can head over to the Google Play Store and try the new Canary version of the Edge web browser. As a customary precaution, do note that these versions are experimental, and may contain bugs. Users should not rely on such iterations for regular use.

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