Microsoft Edge gets ‘Kids Mode’: Becomes first major web browser to offer a child-friendly browsing experience

Microsoft Edge Kids Mode
Microsoft offers a children-friendly browsing experience in its browser. Pic credit: Thomas Quinn/Pixabay

Microsoft Edge has received ‘Kids Mode’. As the name implies, the web browser can now offer a relatively safe browsing environment for children.

The new Chromium-based Microsoft Edge has become the first major web browser to offer a browsing experience that is safe for kids. The mode can potentially allow parents to let children go online without constantly worrying about the content their kids might encounter.

Kids 12 and under can safely browse the internet using Microsoft Edge browser with Kids Mode:

Microsoft has begun rolling out an update to the Edge browser which includes the Kids Mode. The company has designed the feature to prevent kids 12 and under from gaining access to sites and services their parents may find objectionable.

Citing internal research, Microsoft corporate vice president Liat Ben-Zur said: “For U.S. parents with children aged 12 and younger, 58 percent are concerned with the issues their children face when using digital products and services, and while the majority are aware of parental control solutions, only about half are actually using one today”.

“Kids Mode is a game-changer for parents who are juggling all the demands of life today. It became clear that the best way to keep kids from trying to leave was to make them want to stay. In other words, we set out to create the most appealing environment a kid could ever want for browsing the web.”

Microsoft Edge Kids Mode is essentially a separate version of Edge. It features unique home screen designs and news stories from kid-friendly publications like Animal Planet and Time for Kids.

To access the Kids Mode, parents can launch Edge on their PC or Mac and select the Kids Mode button. The button is available in the profile menu located at the top right corner of the screen.

There are two additional segregations based on the age groups of children. Parents can choose one for kids ages 5 to 8, and the other for kids 9 to 12.

Not just the content but even the look, feel, and navigation within the Kids Mode differs based on the age group. Microsoft has significantly simplified the version for kids 5 to 8. It contains a unique kid-friendly look.

Microsoft allows customizing Kids Mode:

By default, the Kids Mode in Microsoft Edge includes a built-in list of approved sites. Needless to add, Microsoft seems to have paid close attention to filter out any potentially objectionable content.

This means both the categories have the strictest level of tracking prevention in Edge and Bing SafeSearch by default to filter out adult text, images, and videos from search results.

Specifically speaking, Kids Mode restricts what sites kids have access to. There are about 70 popular kids sites that the Kids Mode has granted access to.

Parents can, however, edit the lists to add additional pages. Moreover, parents can trim the list if they wish to limit browsing.

Microsoft clearly feels customizable home screens, complete with characters from popular Disney movies will help children stay within the Kids Mode. If the kid does attempt to escape the same, he or she will have to enter their parent’s passcode.

If a child tries to view a site that’s not on the approved list, they get a cute block page. It asks the kids to seek adult supervision or permission. Moreover, Microsoft has added restrictions that prevent children from simply exiting out of the browser and opening a new one.

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