Microsoft Edge refusing to exit on some Windows 10 devices: ‘Startup Boost’ feature might prevent Chromium-based web browser from closing

Microsoft Edge Browser Bug
The Microsoft Edge Browser v89 refuses to quit? Pic credit: Microsoft Windows via YouTube

Microsoft Edge is behaving weirdly and being stubborn on quite a few Windows 10 PCs. Reports indicate the Chromium-based web browser refuses to exit or close.

Several Windows 10 OS users have come forth about the stubbornness of the Microsoft Edge web browser. Apparently, the browser just doesn’t exit completely. In some cases, the browser restarts itself or stays active in the background.

Microsoft Edge v89, containing ‘Startup Boost’ feature to blame for weird behavior of web browser?

After a preliminary analysis, several experienced Windows 10 OS users realized that the latest or updated version of Microsoft Edge is behaving weirdly.

In other words, some instances of version 89 of Microsoft Edge are behaving strangely. It now seems that a new feature, called ‘Startup Boost’, might be causing problems, preventing a smooth exit.

Microsoft recently updated Startup Boost. It is a new feature that allows the Edge browser to launch even faster after a system reboot on Windows 10.

The Startup Boost feature attempts to maximize Microsoft Edge’s performance on Windows 10 by launching certain browser processes when users first power on their devices. In other words, preempting or assuming its launch, Edge browser’s certain processes run at Windows 10 OS startup.

Microsoft claims Startup Boost allows the Chromium browser to exist in a “state of readiness”. The feature is on by default in the latest version of the browser.

Incidentally, Microsoft has enabled the feature without needing any user interaction. The company claims the feature can improve startup times by 29 to 41 percent.

It now seems that Startup Boost has a bug that prevents the Microsoft Edge web browser from shutting down. A few users claim their attempts to exit the browser merely results in the application launching again.

Some reports indicate the browser seems to exit but continues to remain functional in the background. Owing to several feature enhancements, the browser’s processes do not have a huge impact on system resources.

Microsoft aware of the Startup Boost issue in the browser and is pushing a server-side upgrade:

Reports indicate Microsoft is aware of the weird Edge browser Startup Boost bug. It seems the Windows 10 OS maker will release a server-side update that will temporarily disable the feature.

Microsoft has officially noted in an update to the FAQ page: “Hi everyone, I wanted to let you know we decided to temporarily disable startup boost since it was causing a frustrating issue for some users.”

“Our team is working on fixing a couple of issues where some customers are seeing the browser reopen immediately after exiting and/or a message about reopening tabs when startup boost is enabled.”

It is important to note that Startup Boost could be one of the potential issues that prevent the edge browser from exiting. However, it is the most prominent one, and disabling the same alleviates the situation significantly.

Microsoft has indicated it is looking at other “potential solutions”. However, for now, disabling Startup Boost is the best step to address the bug.

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