Microsoft integrated ‘Windows 11 Upgrade Compatibility Check’ directly within Windows Update, but several eligible PCs getting ‘incompatibility’ rejections

Windows 10 11 Update Compatibility Check Upgrade Microsoft PC Health Tool
Now Windows Update platform itself has issues? Pic credit: okubax/Flickr

An updated Windows Update platform in Windows 10 is now refusing to upgrade some PCs stating “This PC can’t run Windows 11”. Microsoft has acknowledged the erroneous nature of the message for eligible and compatible computers.

Microsoft recently eliminated the need to download and use the updated PC Health Checkup tool. The company integrated the core functions of the platform within Windows Update. Now Windows Update is rejecting attempts to upgrade to Windows 11 for some.

Windows Update itself will confirm if “This PC can’t run Windows 11” or “This PC can run Windows 11”:

Microsoft Windows 11 is officially rolling out. The final, stable version of the successor to Windows 10 is now available as an ‘Opt-in’ upgrade.

This means qualifying Windows 10, and even Windows 7 users, can head over to Windows Update, search for the Windows 11 Upgrade, and obtain the same. Incidentally, Microsoft has been trying to get PC users to run the PC Health Checkup Tool.

The PC Health Checkup Tool has some checkered past. Microsoft released the tool to allow Windows 10, and even Windows 7 users, to check if their computers were compatible with Windows 11. The tool doesn’t seem to check for eligibility but does examine the hardware for compatibility.

Needless to mention, the first stable version of the PC Health Checkup Tool caused panic. Several Windows OS users who wished to upgrade to Windows 11, received the message that indicated their devices were incompatible.

Realizing it had released a faulty piece of software, Microsoft redesigned the tool. The company recently released a new version of the PC Health Checkup, supposedly with fixes.

Strangely, Microsoft has now offered the core or critical functionality of the PC Health Checkup tool, directly within the Windows Update platform. This should have been the company’s first, go-strategy, as the platform is responsible for downloading and applying the Windows 11 upgrade.

Microsoft has been testing a new message delivery in Windows Update. Essentially, the platform itself would check and mention whether “This PC can’t run Windows 11” or “This PC can run Windows 11”.

Windows Update shows the same problem plaguing early releases of the PC Health Checkup Tool:

Windows Update itself confirming a PC’s eligibility to receive and run Windows 11 was certainly way more convenient. The platform is a core feature that was already present. Windows OS users need not download any extra app.

However, Windows Update is now the one throwing wrenches in the upgrade process, which was supposed to be smooth and hassle-free. Basically, Windows Update on Windows 10 seems to be unable to accurately report Windows 11 compatibility status.

Despite packing compatible and eligible hardware, with a legitimate, licensed copy of Windows 10, the Windows Update claims “This PC doesn’t currently meet all the system requirements for Windows 11.”

Reports indicate the issue is not widespread, yet. However, a few social media users have vented their frustration about the seemingly faulty Windows Update checking mechanism.

Some users have confirmed the Windows Update is erroneously reporting compatibility status. Some affected users merely obtained a Windows 11 ISO and proceeded to install the same. Needless to mention, this method worked.

Microsoft has acknowledged the Windows Update incorrect compatibility check issue. The company claims it is actively investigating the same. It is safe to say, the company will have to come up with a fix soon as Windows Update will be the primary gateway through which several PC users will upgrade to Windows 11.

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