Microsoft merging Disk Cleanup Utility with Storage Sense App is another way to deprecate Control Panel and replace it with Settings app?

Microsoft Windows 11 Disk Cleanup Storage Sense
Disk Cleanup Utility deprecated? Pic credit: nchenga/Flickr

The latest edition of Windows 11 lacks the popular Disk Cleanup application or platform. Instead, the Windows 11 Dev Build has a singular Storage Sense platform.

In yet another attempt to retire Control Panel, Microsoft has merged the functions of Disk Cleanup with Storage Sense. The latter is supposed to be a unified platform to offer all storage-related aspects pertaining to the non-volatile and non-removable storage media.

Disk Cleanup Utility is one of the underappreciated tools in Windows OS for reclaiming storage space:

The classic Disk Cleanup tool is indispensable for Windows operating system users. As the name suggests, the platform performs the housekeeping functions for the primary or boot disk.

Experienced and novice Windows 10 operating system users have long relied on Disk Cleanup to clean their primary hard drives or Solid-State Drives.

One of the biggest consumers of valuable disk space has always been the Windows Update files. Windows OS routinely stores the updates for “future use”. Although useful, more often than not, these files continue to occupy storage space, until Disk Cleanup erases them.

Several Windows 7 OS users upgraded their PCs to Windows 10, and the new OS stored important files from the previous installation. Disk Cleanup also removes these files of “Previous Installations” which Windows stored for “future use”.

The easiest way to access Disk Cleanup is to type and enter “cleanmgr” command in the Run dialog box. Alternatively, Windows 10 OS users can also right-click on the primary boot disk and choose “Properties”. Disk Cleanup is present inside the General Tab.

Windows 11 Update stuffs Disk Cleanup within Storage Sense:

Microsoft introduced Storage Sense in Windows 10 with Fall Creators Update version. It has a few more features compared to the Disk Cleanup. The platform offers more information about the storage media inside the PC.

However, the app seems like yet another attempt to retire the iconic components within the Windows OS that have been quite useful since Windows XP.

Incidentally, legacy Disk Cleanup is still reportedly present in Windows 11 dev version 22449.1000. However, Microsoft is steadily deprecating several features and favoring the Settings App.

Until recently, the Drive Properties dialog had the Disk Cleanup option. Now Storage Usage has taken its place. Clicking the button takes Windows 11 users to the “Storage used on other drives” section in the Storage sense.

It is important to note that Storage Sense a lot more comprehensive than Disk Cleanup. However, Windows OS loyalists who wish to use tools that are similar to Disk Cleanup can use CCleaner or CleanMgr+.

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