Microsoft readying Windows Update specifically for Drivers and Firmware: Deployment tweak for Business will allow System Admins to selectively pick and approve

Windows Update for Business Admin Drivers Firmware Control
System Admins can control Drivers and Firmware Updates in Windows OS. Pic credit: Cheng-en Cheng/Flickr

Windows Update is going through a fundamental change. Microsoft appears to be redesigning the platform to grant Business System Administrators the ability to selectively pick and approve drivers and firmware for Windows OS.

A new Windows Update for Business deployment service is under active trials, confirmed Microsoft. The new service will allow Admins to control the types of drivers and firmware that PCs in a corporate environment receive.

Windows Update service often blamed for faulty and troublesome drivers and firmware:

The Windows operating system has evolved. Microsoft has been consistently seeding new features and functionalities to the OS.

However, nearly every major and minor update for Windows OS comes with some issues. Several Windows OS users dread installing updates. As a result, PC users try and avoid installing updates for Windows OS for as long as possible.

Microsoft is clearly well aware of the issue. The company has routinely tried to investigate the issues plaguing updates, and the problems they often cause.

It appears faulty drivers and buggy firmware is by the far the two most common issues within updates. Oftentimes, the new features and functions within a big Cumulative Feature Update work well, but the drivers cause trouble.

Presumably trying to minimize the delivery of such troublesome software, Microsoft has confirmed it is actively testing the new Windows Update for Business deployment service for drivers and firmware.

New Windows Update for Business deployment service to be available in Microsoft Endpoint Manager and Microsoft Graph:

Microsoft Endpoint Manager and Microsoft Graph will be the two platforms that will receive a tweaked version of Windows Update. The Public Preview of the new and improved version will be available in the first half of the next year.

Microsoft has indicated that enterprise Admins will be able to choose the drivers to deliver via Windows Update in their environment. They will reportedly receive an “assortment of matching options and schedule them for deployment.”

Admins will be able to pick the right drivers by browsing the entire collection of drivers from Independent Hardware Vendors (IHVs) and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).

This simply means, only Admins will be able to approve a select set of drivers for Endpoint users. Businesses, and more specifically, Admins, would obviously value the new Windows Update because:

  • The hardware ecosystem constantly publishes new drivers and fixes to Windows Update.
  • The Windows Update service targets devices with the right drivers just for them.
  • Security incidents are often mitigated via driver updates and require a quick servicing response.

Incidentally, Microsoft provides a Microsoft Ignite depth on-demand session. It offers an in-depth look at the new Windows Update for Business deployment service.

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